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3 Things You Might Not Think of When Remodeling a Kitchen

When you’re remodeling a kitchen, you might know exactly which oven you’d like to add in, what you want the kitchen island to look like, or what style of refrigerator you need. But you might not consider some of the details that can make a kitchen much more convenient and efficient.

Check out some of the things we think you should consider when you’re remodeling a kitchen. A contractor can help you to get these details just right!

Opening Cupboards and Drawers

Measurements should be taken to ensure there is plenty of clearance when swinging open doors and cupboards. Mainly, you don’t want it to be so that you cannot open two doors at once, wherever possible. It’s a bigger inconvenience than you realize as you’re putting a kitchen together: that you cannot grab a bowl for one task just as you’re grabbing a pan for another. Large drawers and pull-out corner cupboards often help make things easier.


Don’t forget about outlets! You’ll need plenty for plugging in mixers, crockpots, and the like. Make room for all of the outlets you need from the very beginnings of the planning stages. This means that you should make sure the electricians are in on the plans—and it’s something to consider as you’re planning for a tile backsplash as well.

Break Up the Monotony

So you’ve found the perfect style of drawers and cabinetry for your new kitchen. But can you imagine staring at repetitive blocks of this cabinetry for the life of your kitchen? It’s a good idea to find some way to break up blocks of cabinetry and drawers with something else. Clear display cases with the same finish on the borders can help. You could also have open shelving mounted on the wall, or break it up with a window.

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