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Totally remodeled my kitchen, including installing new cabinetry, appliances, granite counters, and back splash and updating the lighting to bring it up to code.

Ariel was friendly and knowledgeable from the start. After discussing what I wanted to do, he suggested some things to make the project better, and he promptly sent me an estimate. Upon starting work, it was found that the previous owners had done a mickey mouse job with a supporting wall of the house and that the wall had to be replaced. AGA Construction was able to quickly get a contractor in to do this unexpected work, and the project was able to move forward. The workers were always on time, and did a good job of cleaning up everyday. AGA went above and beyond what they had to do, even hauling away some old pergo flooring we had pulled out, and a huge glass shower door. We couldn't be happier with their work, and definitely would use them again.

- Emily, Los Angeles, CA

They completely remodelled a very small bathroom and made it appear roomier. (Removed a wall enclosing the shower and put in a floating glass door; re-did the floor, the tile, installed new fixtures, etc.) Also upgraded the plumbing in the entire house to copper (which involved running it through the attic crawlspace) and installed a circulation pump; upgraded the old electrical panel; tore out a closet and replaced it with built-in shelving to my design; installed pantry cabinets in the kitchen (and put in a trash compactor and microwave); tore up some laminate flooring and replaced with tile; and various other small improvements.

Overall it went well -- the quality of the work was great. I can't stress this enough -- the work ultimately done was terrific. New bathroom is beautiful; built-in cabinetry is better than I had envisioned; the new kitchen cabinets are solid and look great; the electrical works like it should; the plumbing is happily copper; the floor looks great. The workers were very detail-oriented and the ultimate product is lovely. On the downside -- We had a few plumbing issues arise -- there was some water hammer after they'd finished; when I brought it to their attention, they installed a water hammer arrestor which solved the problem. These things were absolutely resolved to my satisfaction. There were some change orders along the way (about 7), all of which were absolutely reasonable and fairly priced. Despite these problems, I really do recommend these guys. I'm very happy with the completed work, and the price compared favorably to other bids I'd received (and other work I've had done over the years). I was very impressed at their willingness to keep coming back and work on the plumbing problems until they were resolved to my satisfaction. Indeed, it had reached a point where I was just willing to throw up my hands and "live with it," but they sent the plumber back one more time to make things better -- gold star for that. I don't know too many contractors that would keep sending someone back to make sure you're not just "settling" but are genuinely happy with their work.

- Sharon, Pasadena, CA

My house was overdue for exterior repair. When I called the company, a representative came out the same day for an estimate. The next business day, I received the detailed estimate by email. I had many questitons. When I phoned the office, I spoke with Tami. She was extremely helpful and patient with all the questions. She was also called me a day in advance when particular members of the crew would be working including the time they would arrive. I spoke with her many times. She is a jewel. I was able to schedule the work to begin about a week after the estimate--could have started sooner, but I needed a bit of time. All of the work was completed in a timely manner. The workers were at my house at the days and times promised. This surprised me because I have dealt with several contractors over the years, and those experiences have not been good. This experience was very different. I have never worked with more accessible, conscientious people. The workers were experts in their particular field. Everything was done to my satisfaction. They even did a few things that were just "there" such as patching a hole in an attic vent. They cleaned everything as they finished. Even though I thought the estimate was a bit high, I would hire them again both for the quality of the work and the peace of mind.

- Susan, Van Nuys, CA

It was a great experience. Very professional, always on time. Final price agreed with estimate. I received quotes from several other contractors that were cheaper but I went AGA because they seemed very professional. The extra money was well spent. No problems working with them, they valued my opinion and schedule. Strongly recommend them for any remodeling job. My job was small compared to most home remodeling but they had no problems working with me.

- Harry, Los Angeles, CA

The owner of AGA Construction (Ariel Azriel) is an honorable man, which is the most important consideration in choosing a contractor. Ariel helped us with the layout of our master bathroom and we love the results. He provided valuable suggestions and considerations prior to construction. His knowledge of re-modeling is impressive. He accommodated us on weekends whenever we requested. AGA’s tile installer (Juan) did an outstanding job of installing a new shower pan and all of the tile. We are happy with his work and we would want him to tile for us in the future as the need arises. AGA’s carpenter (Guillermo) was very meticulous. He is a very hard worker and there were times we thought he might spend the night at our house working on the bathroom. :-) AGA's custom cabinet maker (Eitan) did a fabulous job on a space we weren't sure what to do with. His work was clean and he seemed to be highly skilled. We were comfortable leaving AGA’s crew in our home while we were not there. In conclusion, the vast majority of our experience with AGA was positive. We had a few issues, but we understand that any construction project will have problems. The good part of working with AGA is that you can always call on Ariel Azriel. He’s a good man. He’s conscientious and fair. He worked with us to resolve all of the issues we had and made sure that we were happy with the results.

- Teri, Granada Hills, CA

AGA did a great job. They worked carefully with us to stay within budget and to meet our needs. They always told us when they saw a way something could be improved but were willing to accommodate our specific desires such as keeping the old cabinetry while making room for a dishwasher, installing 1950's style metal edging and other idiosyncratic features (something other contractors were less open to doing). They were highly reliable and communicated effectively.

- Noah, Los Angeles, CA

We are very pleased with their work. There were some issues during the project (as there are in any construction work) such as some items could not be installed where we wanted them to be, or sometimes there was misunderstanding between us and the workers but we are extremely impressed with Ilan's effort to make things right, and make us happy. We spent just a little more than we expected but overall, the bathroom came out nice thanks to AGA. Now the bathroom is done, we are talking to Ilan again about finishing up the rest of the house.

- Kevin, Studio City, CA

The job was done quickly. The work was excellent. This is the third time I have used AGA. The secretary Tami is very helpful. She can be reached by phone and Email. Ilan the project manager is very responsive. The workers are courteous and responsive. They leave the work area clean each evening. I was most pleased by the restoration that was done on weather beaten oak window frames. It was craftsmenship.

- Jeffrey, Beverly Hills, CA

They tore down my old patio and put up a whole new one as well as tore up my asphalt driveway and put in a new stamped colored concrete driveway.

The project coordinator Ilan quoted me a price that beat every single company I called. He was very fair and flexible. He was very good to work with. When the workers arrived they were great and very respectful. They were very eager to do the best job they could! They did an excellent job! The driveway is gorgeous! I could move in on my own driveway! In fact, people have stopped by to compliment it! They did a very good job on my patio. There are a few little leaks and they are going to redo it tomorrow. The foreman came right at the time we arranged, and he will bring a crew tomorrow to fix the roof. There was no problems at all with this repair. They were very nice an very easy to deal with. They are a wonderful company!

- Vivian, Chatsworth, CA

They did what they said they would do, at the times and prices agreed upon - and that says a ton! My original plan was to change out the countertop and appliances only, but Ilan convinced me that the old floor needed replacing as well... and it's now my favorite part of the re-do in the kitchen. I ordered the appliances before the holidays, and they were delivered in early January - then the guys got busy. They removed the old countertop and made a template for the new CeasarStone. After that was installed, the old tile floor was removed, and the tile guys installed the backsplash and the floor - extremely well done (and I've done a few myself): everything is "square, plumb and level"! Then the appliances were installed (cost of about $9000 for the appliances is included in the amount spent), all of the dust was cleaned up and the old stuff was carted away.

- Marsha, Glendale, CA

AGA is dong great job and in a reasonable price. I am so happy AGA did great job for my bath, ceiling lights,ceiling work,wall molding,floor molding, new doors and painting jobs. Illan is the contract I work with. He is very patient work with me on my unconventional bath tub. I am very picky person and request high quality work. After a month the job finish, I am check every day, well done work make me smile every day. 

Thank you Illan and your team.

- Gigi, Alhambra, CA

Ilan came out to examine the property and give a ball park estimate. He made some great suggestions and gave me a general estimate that was within our budget. Later, we added a few other home improvement items and Ilan gave us a more detailed estimate that seemed reasonable for the jobs. Roy oversaw the project and communicated very well about various stages of the project. Since there were technical aspects of the home theater that I needed to figure out as we went along, it was great to feel that Roy was not pushy and or dismissive about my process. The job took about a week longer than had originally been planned mainly due to a special order window and some unexpected work that needed to be done to the floor near the front door. Since they did not have a lot of room in our yard to work, they did make a bit of a mess as time went on but I did not see a great way around it. As the work progressed, various items came up that some contractors might have tried to add to the original estimate but Ilan was very professional and only added items which I had authorized as enhancements to the original agreement. The craftsmanship was excellent and I watched how detailed they were with much of their work (especially framing, drywalling and painting). I would definitely use them again for other home improvement projects.

- Ted, Sherman Oaks, CA

I had a complete kitchen remodel: new floors, cabinets and ceiling as well as reframing several walls, reinforcing the ceiling/foundation to remove a load-bearing wall, upgrading the electrical service to my house, replacing two exterior doors, moving an exterior window and refinishing the hardwood floors in my living room.

The job went very well. I compare this experience to a bathroom remodel a few years ago and the difference is night and day. We owe a lot of this to the project manager and his great communication skills. He really put in the effort to understand what we want and make it happen. When issues arose, we were always able to quickly talk through them and they always turned out right. In fact, I have already signed a change order to have him do our bathroom and paint our house. ...and all this for a great price!

- Greg, Torrance, CA

We had an unforgettable and wonderful experience working with AGA Construction and particularly Ariel Azriel. From mid January through the end of May, a period of four and a half months, he was on the site everyday. All of this work was done in the most efficient and seamless manner with everything timed out so that when one job was finished, the next one started, and the entire job was concluded in four and a half months to everyones amazement. We are absolutely thrilled with the way everything came out. Ariel Azriel is a miracle man, who we now consider one of our good friends. We have recommended him to everyone we know and they have all been happy with him as we are.

- Michael, Beverly Hills, CA

Completely remodeled kitchen, replacing cabinets with new custom cabinets, installing granite countertops, travertine floors, installing new appliances, replacing a bay window with a sliding glass door, new recessed lighting, etc.

We met with Ilan and Eitan initially at the end of 2010, and they were a pleasure to work with. The first meeting was a ballpark estimate as we were still interviewing several companies. During the second meeting, they created a working layout of the proposed kitchen while we spoke, and were able to give us a complete estimate that remained accurate throughout the remodeling process (except for agreed upon increases for change orders, of course). Ilan was involved throughout, with daily calls to go over the latest work and how I felt things were moving along. Tami was always an e-mail away for quick questions or things that I wanted to make sure were brought to their attention in cases where I couldn't make a phone call (at work). They stayed on schedule, except for a few hiccups mostly due to uncontrollable events (city of Whittier permit delays, etc.). We were even able to coordinate work in our back yard on days where my dog would not interfere with the workers. Overall I was very satisfied with everything and would work with Ilan, Eitan and the rest of A.G.A. Construction in the future.

- Thomas, Whittier, CA

AGA tore a small full bathroom down to the studs, tiled, drywalled, painted, and installed a tub, shower door and sink plus additional plumbing and electrical work.

They came in and gave an honest (and accurate) estimate to do all the work we needed. Two weeks after we signed up, they arrived and put up plastic sheeting to reduce the spread of dust throughout the house. Over the next two weeks, they demoed the whole bathroom and rebuilt it back into a beautiful tiled affair with a pedastal sink and jacuzzi tub. There was one unexpected cost in the whole process (my toilet needed to be moved 5 inches, per Building Code). The change order for this was exceedingly reasonable.

- Doug, Tarzana, CA

I loved working with AGA. Bidding process: Ariel was incredibly patient with us as we continually changed our minds on what we wanted them to do. What started with a bid to do just bathrooms and kitchen and specific floors evolved into having them do the entire house. Instead of me wasting time trying to oversee certain aspects of the remodel, I wisely put it in the hands of AGA. We probably went through a half dozen revisions for their bid over the course of a few months, and they never pressured us or showed any signs of being annoyed by our initial indecisiveness and plethora of questions. Tami, their office manager, was always incredibly courteous and good with follow up. Communication across the board was outstanding. The job: I believe the reason their bid was competitive (certainly not the lowest, but not the highest either), was because of how efficiently they managed their subcontractors. As a small business owner, I really appreciate how efficiently Roy (the onsite supervisor and manager of our project) managed the entire job. He just wanted to make us happy, and he did. Though they told us it would take 11 to 12 weeks to finish the job, they essentially finished it up in 9. We made various upgrades along the way, and probably revised the job a dozen times. I felt that all of the additional work that was required and/or requested by us was fairly priced, and done well. And when we weren’t happy with the doors and drawers in our kitchen from one of their subcontractors (quality control issues with manufacturing and staining), Roy and AGA bent over backwards to make it right. Though it took a bit of time to reorder, re-stain and reinstall new doors and drawers, Roy and AGA brought in a magnificent custom cabinet crew, and did it without complaint. The end result is a stunningly beautiful kitchen, a beautiful home, and two very satisfied customers. My advice to anyone looking for a contractor for a remodel would be to know exactly what you want to do ahead of time. Our job worked smoothly because AGA was never delayed by our falling behind in our responsibilities. We had our tiles selected, and appliances, vanities, valves and faucets were delivered on time. We picked all of our paint colors and wood trim and door casings on schedule. I would highly recommend AGA and can’t wait to do it all again (which my wife says I’ll be doing alone, because she doesn’t want to leave our beautiful new home)!

- Ted, Van Nuys, CA

Removing flooring, changing doors and installing moulding for doors and windows. Sanding and clear coat of ceiling Installing electrical outlets, installing LED lighting with dimmer options, installing TV outlet, bamboo flooring. Removal of old counter tops and installing Granite Countertops. Renovating restroom Installation Pedestal Sink, removal old sink. Changing tiles. Painting and water damage repair.

The process went very well and they were very flexible with the timing. I was on a fixed budget and limited time frame when I took over an old optometry office. The decor looked like it was from the 1970's and needed a major face lift. As a new business owner, I was on a very tough budget and was able to work with AGA Construction and get the job done. They made the appropriate suggestions/recommendations to help with providing the appropriate feel that I wanted convey in the office. Since I did not have an interior designer, they provided guidance in terms of what would go best in terms of the crown moulding, floor coloring, wall coloring and it worked out well. It was a great experience working with AGA Construction. The estimates were taken 2 weeks prior to our renovation process and it was projected that the renovations would take only 2 weeks. It ended up being 3 weeks, because of some unforseen structural problems, but overall was done professionally and quickly. The painting crew and flooring group did fantastic work with all the installations and carpeting. The flooring and LED lights are amazing! I still have a few rooms that need to be done and am looking to get them back to finish the job soon!

- Tim, Thousand Oaks, CA

AGA did a small addition at the front entrance of our house, as well as some remodeling in the adjoining spaces. This involved pouring new foundation, tying it into the old, removing old walls, adding new ones, drywall, windows, built-in bookcases, doors, hardwood floor and trim.

The job went well. Whenever there was a problem, they were willing to take the time to get it right. This was most evident when it came to one of the last parts, the hardwood floor. For some reason the subcontractor they initially used did a bad job and the smell would not go away. AGA was willing to come back and redo the entire floor with a new sub. This made things right. I highly recommend AGA for the fact that they are honest and straightforward and will get the job done right.

- Yuhan, Pasadena, CA

The project involved demolishing and rebuilding two decks that are elevated over the hillside behind my house. Their engineer provided an assessment and recommendations about the project.

In summary, AGA is honest, reliable, and they do good work. In my other experiences with contractors, you're lucky if you get even one of the three. I recommend them highly.
I previously used AGA to perform substantial repairs to a covered balcony, including rebuilding the bar, retiling the floor and the bar, and addressing a water intrusion problem. The project I'm reviewing is a continuation of the first.

For the first phase, I interviewed several contractors---all of whom were rated highly on Angie's List---but I was very dissatisfied with their service. The other contractors acted like they were doing me a favor just to talk with me, and they failed to provide reasonable bids for the project. One contractor provided a good bid, but he kept postponing the tentative start date until I had to fire him.

In contrast, AGA provided a competitive bid quickly when I contacted them. The project manager, Roy, suggested several ways to save money. When a change order arose, he was apologetic, and offered a very competitive price for the additional work. The workers were respectful and considerate, and the project was finished quickly.

For the second phase of this project, AGA provided a fair bid for a substantial amount of work. The contractor, Ilan, was helpful, reliable, and efficient. He was always concerned with doing the job right, even though it extended the length of the project by several weeks. In particular, we didn't realize that we needed new foundations when we started, so we had to redesign one of the decks. The price of the change order was fair, and the new design of the decks is far safer and more attractive than it was before. AGA also took care of a lot of minor things without me asking.

The new decks turned out very well. I really appreciate the quality of the construction. It's a pleasure to work with a contractor who is honest and reliable. Ultimately, the price was very reasonable for the size of the project.

- Joel, Silverlake, CA

If anyone tells you they had no problems when remodeling their house with a contractor I would not trust their opinion. The true measure of a contractor is when a problem does occur they acknowledge the problem and get it fixed without trying to say it would be a change order costing you more money or argue with you about what you don't think was done right. When I saw something I didn't like done a certain way or I thought was wrong Ilan would always come out to look and then fix it to my satisfaction. The second big test is when you decide to add some additional work to your job the contractor does not gouge you for the additonal work. There were about 8 change orders for additional work I wanted done. I never felt the quotes I got from Ilan for the additional work I wanted done were unreasonable. The third measure is can you get ahold of your contractor easly. If for some reason Ilan did not pick up his phone and I left a message I would get a call back within the hour. A great comfort with AGA is Tami who is in the office. If for some reason I could not get Ilan on the phone I could always get Tami who would then try to get a answer to my question or issue.

- Marybeth, Los Angeles, CA

We needed to completely rebuild our garage, as the previous owners had used the space as a recording studio with heavy soundproof walls, etc. We wanted a open, working garage space that we could actually use, but in order to do so we had to totally break down the old garage and build a new one from scratch due to the bad condition the old garage was in.

Overall, the entire process was easy for us, because AGA Construction and our construction manager Ilan, did a great job on the new garage. From the beginning, the best part was that this company was very responsive and quick to get back to me. I had inquired on a couple other companies at the same time, but I never got the responsiveness from them that I got from AGA Construction. To me this was very important, because aside from doing a good job, it would have been an unpleasant experience if I couldn't get in touch with whoever was doing the work for us. So, I was off to a good start, and Ilan was always here when he said he would be, and everything I asked of him and any questions I had were answered promptly. I also liked that Ilan took the time I needed to get to know him before any contract or work was done. He sat down and gave me a chance to know him, so that I could really trust him to do the work and do it well. Once I decided to go with AGA Construction, Ilan went over the entire process and explained what needed to be done and how it will be done. If there were things that couldn't technically be done as I had hoped, he gave me other solutions and suggestions to do the work as close to what I had in mind. Throughout most of the entire process, things were done on time and as planned. We did have some price changes and delays along the way, but that was inevitable for any construction process, and these were due to problems with outside suppliers that we ordered parts/products from. Any price increases/changes were due to actual pricing of ordered products and parts, such as lights, doors, etc, which were all notified to me and approved by me before being ordered. Any delays were due to the supplier we ordered our doors from, as they were being very unresponsive and in result affecting the actual work to be done. Although it wasn't AGA's fault, Ilan always explained the situation to me and apologized even though it wasn't his responsibility. If I had any issues, he was always understanding, and overall the work was done exactly how we wanted it to be, and it was a pleasant experience as well. If there was something, no matter how small, that we wanted done over or fixed, it was done. Now we have a beautiful, working garage that everyone visiting our house compliments us on. Also, Tami, who handled all the phone calls at the office and emails for invoices, receipts, etc, is also so prompt and nice. She always sounded like she was in a good mood, which can be difficult working with and talking to so many different people/customers/companies everyday. No matter what I called her about, she was quick to help and easy to talk to, and honestly this also made the entire process of working with AGA that much more pleasant!

- Julia, Los Angeles, CA

I interviewed several construction companies based on Angies List credentials, and after completion of the process, based on their ratings on Angies List, as well as the conversations with Ilan, I chose AGA Construction for a major house remodel. I’ll start by saying, I am now in my second major construction project with AGA, since December 2009, and could not be happier with all aspects of their performance, professionalism and care taken with the jobs I hired them to do. Both Ilan and Roy are available to guide your project and their contractors through the construction labrynith. The initial project, I had my kitchen completely remodeled, and converted a back porch to a new bathroom. The rooms were demolished down to the 2x4’s and rebuilt to my specifications and style. Roy will call you daily and usually stop by with updates as needed, and to make sure the project is moving forward, and Ilan will make sure you get what he promised. Under the banner of "knowledge is power", the more thorough the research you do before starting any project, the easier it will be to keep the costs under control. I learned a lot during the first phase of the job, that being "things change" as you remove old parts of the house, upgrades and fixes become necessary, things you would never imagined, examples on my project, moving the electrical sub panel that was hidden in a closet, upgrading the plumbing to copper (that I imagined, but was hoping not to have to do, but in the end made sense), knowing your responsible for supplying plumbing fixtures such as valves, faucets, toilets etc. unless you specify with them to supply for your project. So do your homework. Another thing to remember that construction is a dirty and messy job no matter how big or small, so expect to be somewhat inconvenienced by the mess that is made, but keep in mind it all cleans up nicely when it’s over. Now in the second phase of my project, I am remodeling the master bathroom, again down to the 2x4’s and starting from scratch. Painting the entire house exterior and replacing the entire cooling/heating system in my house. So far things are on track, and again Ilan has delivered on his promises, and Roy is on top of the project and all is moving forward. I could go on, but for now I’ll just say, without a doubt I would HIGHLY recommend AGA Construction and their personnel for your construction project, big or small. I have already handed their information out to several friends, so get going before they get booked up!!

- Lee, Reseda, CA

If you are looking for excellent work and excellent service, then this is your company.  Ilan and his crews turned our shabby 1950's kitchen into a showplace in nine short weeks.  My mother, age 90, decided she needed a new kitchen but had very little idea what it was going to look like.  Ilan's great sense of style and space were invaluable.  He helped us choose all the materials and closely surpervised all the work to make sure it was done perfectly.  He suggested removing part of a wall to open up the space, and the difference that made to the look of the kitchen is amazing.  We are BEYOND pleased with the results.  In fact, we were so happy with the work done by this company that we had them replace the roof, rewire the whole house, and put in all new windows, among many other things.  All of the workers were friendly, hard-working and respectful of our home, keeping the noise and dirt to a minimum.

Ilan was outstanding in monitoring the project.  He either stopped by the house or called us every day to discuss the progress.  He told us what each service was going to cost and held to the price even though additional work was sometimes needed.  As I read some of the other reviews of this company, Ilan's honesty is apparent.  If your project is not a good match with his company, he will be up-front about telling you, and I respect him for that.  We have had a wonderful experience with AGA Construction, and we will definitely use them again for future projects.

- Diane, Encino, CA

In our kitchen remodel, we took a kitchen and breakfast room and turned them into one space.  It required removal of a non-loadbearing wall, kitchen ceiling, and upper cabinets (which were used again when all was done)..All new lighting (mainly LED) and copper pipes were installed. Granite countertops and tile backsplashes were installed.  Our old stove (O'Keefe and Merritt) was a keeper.  It was in a tiled alcove; the alcove was completely retiled.

My husband built the existing kitchen cabinets in the late 80s.  We planned to keep the bottom kitchen cabinets and did so.  Husband built a new lower cabinet for the former breakfast room as well as cabinets for a new peninsula.  The old upper cabinets were "repurposed".  If you haven't heard the term, it's a fancy way of saying "reused". Although we didn't change the basic footprint, flooring, or cabinetry, it was still a major project for us. Everyone has heard nightmare stories of contractors that come in, demo, and then show up sporadically.  I'm delighted to say that absolutely was not our experience.  We were very fortunate to pick AGA Construction. 

After we contacted AGA, Ilan came to check out the job.  I'd read a writeup that said AGA wouldn't accept something that wasn't a complete overhaul.  Obviously, since we were keeping the old flooring and cabinets and my husband was building any new cabinets, that is just not so.  Ilan never tried to push us to do anything other than what we wanted.  He did say it would be better to use his subs  and suppliers since he had leverage with them.  We went to the tile place he recommended and didn't care for their tile selection. Ilan not only told us to go wherever we wanted, he let us use his contractor number to get a contractor's discount since that was fine with the tile store (Tileshop, Inc. in Van Nuys - they're fabulous).  He had no financial gain from doing this since we were paying for the tile.  We did use his granite supplier since I promised my husband I would try to keep the process as simple as possible. 

Since Ilan could tell we needed a bit more assurance before signing the contract, he came back with Milo who would be doing the bulk of the work.  It gave Milo a chance to see the job and make sure the quote was realistic and gave us a chance to meet Milo.  We knew immediately we would be in good hands. Milo is a genius.  He can do everything, wants it to be done correctly,  is extremely reliable, and has an artistic sense.  He worked mainly with his two sons (Milo and his sons -- sounds like a sitcom) although there were a few days that other workmen were here -- mainly for wallpaper removal and plastering. During the plumbing section, Milo's son discovered a leak in one of the major drainpipes. Fixing it was additional (of course) and that was the only additional cost to the original contract.

Tami, who runs the office, is absolutely indispensable.   She was very quick to follow up everything.

Although it was originally supposed to take 4 weeks, it actually was closer to 8 weeks.  Milo started on the scheduled day and, with the exception of three days, someone was here every single workday.
Was everything perfect?  Of course not.  There was really only one problem area and it had to do with some of the people that worked for the electrical subcontractor.     Had I known, we might have specified using our own electrician. To Ilan's credit, he handled it and made sure that, although it was still the same subcontractor,  we got someone who knew what to do (Javier),  asked questions when he wasn't sure, corrected the work that was wrong, and completed the rest of the work correctly.  Milo was a big help in this area  as well as with the granite installation.

Diego, who worked for the granite subcontractor was very nice about meeting us at the supplier and double checking the templates against the granite and looking for any granite problems.  He also let us come to the workplace before before cutting so that we could be sure we were getting the areas we liked best where they would show.  If you haven't figured it out by now, we're a little particular.  There were a couple of little missteps but nothing major and they were very good about coming out and adjusting anything that was not to our liking.

We're loving the new kitchen and my husband misses Milo.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending AGA Construction, particularly if you can get Milo.  Ilan is very honest and very fair and that says an awful lot.   Their website says they're not happy unless you're happy and, in this instance, he backs up those words completely.

- Ellie, Los Angeles, CA

We needed our kitchen renovated and interviewed several contractor/construction companies and choose AGA Construction because they were licensed and bonded and we felt Ilan was honest and wanted to perform quality work. Another reason we chose AGA Construction was their willingness to pull the necessary permits for the job. Many of the contractors that we received quotes from strongly suggested we not pursue permits because it caused "unnecessary hassles". The last reason we choose AGA was because they created a 3-D visualization of what the new kitchen would look like. Before we committed to AGA, we met with Ilan's custom cabinet builder Ethan. Ethan created the visualization and worked with us to design the right kitchen layout. When we choose AGA the quote included everything but appliances, floor and backsplash tile and the sink/sink fixtures.

The job consisted of a total kitchen and laundry area renovation. We repositioned the stove and exhaust, the kitchen sink/plumbing, replacing the linoleum floor with tile, added a new window above the new sink location, installed custom cabinets, new laundry hookups, replaced our standard water heater with a tankless gas water heater, installed a glass tile backsplash, and installed a caesarstone countertop. They also ended up taking down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and also created a new doorway opening the laundry area to the den in the next room. The original timeline for the project was 3 months, the project ended up taking 5 months because of permit approval delays, work additions we requested, and finally because the under cabinet outlets that we wanted needed to be ordered by the electricians, manufactured and shipped from out of state. On our job, AGA subcontracted the electrical, plumbing, cabinet manufacturing, and countertop fabrication/installation. The crew was respectful and cleaned up after themselves daily and locked up at the end of the day. Ilan stopped by every week to check on the progress. AGA even provided a porta potty for the workers to use on the job, which we appreciated. As with any construction job, nothing goes completely smoothly. There were some problems with the installation of the tile floor. We showed Ilan the problem areas and without hesitation, he called in another more experienced tile guy to fix our floor. He took the necessary steps to make sure that we were satisfied with the work and that the problems with the floor were fixed. Ilan had our best interests in mind and tried hard to save us money by giving his expert opinions and presenting all the available options of how to solve problems. The two reasons that the job went longer then estimated were inspector related problems that held up work that needed to be finished before Ilan could move on to other aspects of the job. And we had to wait for the custom under cabinet power strips to be manufactured and installed.

Ilan at AGA is very focused on customer service and will go out of his way to make you happy. Ilan was always available through phone and text message whenever we had questions. Ilan always listened to our concerned and did everything in his power to fix whatever problem we had. He even gave us a lifetime warranty on the work and promised to come back and fix the backsplash grout that was beginning to crack a few weeks after installation. Ilan told us when we first met him that he would "save us from the rest of the contractors", and we are happy we choose AGA and would recommend them in the future.

- Nathan, Sun Valley, CA