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Masonry and Hardscape Services in Los Angeles, CA by AGA Construction, Inc.

AGA Construction, Inc. - Masonry and Hardscape

The hardscape and masonry of your home is an important part of the appearance, stability, and value of your home. Taking care of your hardscape isn’t like tending to a garden; you cannot approach it the way you would a hobby. Instead, you must rely experienced professionals for the job.

AGA Construction, Inc. is a construction and remodeling company in Los Angeles, CA that provides any hardscape services your home and property may require. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and our contractors have experience with all types of hardscape work. No matter if you are looking to have a new paved driveway, repairs done on a retaining wall, or full hardscape and masonry restoration, you can depend on us to deliver the quality work you expect and deserve.

If you’re looking for a contractor who offers comprehensive masonry and hardscape services in Los Angeles, CA, call on AGA Construction, Inc..

Why Hardscaping Is Important

What exactly is hardscaping? Simply put, it is the backbone of the area outside your home, and well as the foundation that stabilizes the home. It forms an important part of any house’s design and creates the structure for the gardens and landscaping. Elements of hardscaping include concrete, asphalt, clay, pottery, bricks, and stone.

Hardscaping is both a functional part of the foundation and structure of a property, and also a part of its visual design. Although functionality is paramount for hardscaping, that doesn’t mean it cannot create a sense of beauty and unity. Excellent hardscaping work combines this visual appeal with permanence, so that it holds together the home in multiple ways—and through many seasons and years.

Call Us for the Masonry and Hardscape Services You Need

We offer comprehensive services for masonry and hardscape. There is no such thing as a job that is too small or too large for our professional engineers and design–build experts. Whether you are looking to have a foundation laid for new home or you want a renovation for your old patio to give it new life, you only need to call on AGA Construction, Inc. to arrange for high quality service from experts. Don’t take a risk on an inexperienced contractor in Los Angeles, CA when it comes to your hardscape and masonry—contact us first!

Masonry Repair

Masonry is built for durability, but it cannot last forever. Age, weather, earthquakes, and the settling of the building can result in damage that crumbles mortar and cracks bricks and stones. You can rely on us to take care of your masonry repairs, no matter what they are.

Masonry and Hardscape Remodeling and Restoration

Are you simply tired of the look of your old patio, walkways, pool deck, and other parts of the hardscape of your home? Contact us to arrange for masonry remodeling work that will bring new life to it. We provide design services that will deliver the changes you want and the fresh look you envision.

When the masonry and other parts of your home’s hardscape starts to wear down and even crumble, it’s time to call on hardscrape restoration specialists to fix it. Our professionals can handle the damages and restore your masonry so that it looks as close to new as possible.

Hillside Construction

Building on the side of a hill is a literal uphill battle! It takes construction professionals and trained engineers to see that a hillside construction project goes smoothly and leaves behind a stable structure. Our construction team will make certain that you hillside project is completed to your satisfaction.

Retaining Walls, Caissons and Piles 

There are many functions retaining walls can serve: they can hold back hillsides, clear out extra room for a home, shore up foundations, create attractive terraces, and more. But only an engineer can handle designing and installing retaining walls. We have the skilled engineers for the job at AGA Construction, Inc. in Los Angeles County. 

A basic concrete foundation is not always sufficient when a building must stand on loose or unstable soil. In these conditions, builders must drill holes for caissons or lay down pile foundations for the deep support necessary. Our builders and engineers will take care of whatever work is necessary to provide your building with a solid foundation that meets regulations.

Other Services Include Shoring, Grade Beams and Paving Driveways

Shoring is a crucial part of worksite safety during a construction project. Shoring prevents the collapse of dirt onto the work area while the foundations are going in for a home or commercial building. We take special care to see that our contractors are safe and able to get your project done on time.

Earthquakes are one of the major concerns for buildings in the Los Angeles area, and that makes grade beams an essential part of many construction projects. A grade beam is made from reinforced concrete that transmits the load down into piles or caissons, providing extra protection from quakes and stability in looser soil. Our contractors are experienced with installing grade beams.

A rough driveway can mean damage to your car. We put in paved driveways as well as stamped concrete ones in Los Angeles County, and we offer the same level of quality as we do on any of our jobs. Considering how much you use your driveway, shouldn’t you have the best one possible? Give us a call to arrange for it.