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More Services in Los Angeles, CA by AGA Construction, Inc.

AGA Construction, Inc. - More Services

Construction projects involve many facets, and not all of them fall under basic category headings like “home remodeling” and “new construction.” AGA Construction, Inc. provides the complete suite of construction services that you may require for your home construction project in Los Angeles, CA, including many that you may not have even realized you need, such as water-conserving landscaping. We even offer investment opportunities for home development. Look over all the services we can provide, and we think you’ll agree that we are the professional building contractors you should contact for the job.

AGA Construction, Inc. offers a wide range of construction services in Los Angeles, CA and throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

We Provide Comprehensive Construction Services

At AGA Construction, Inc., we are committed to bringing you the widest number of construction services possible, from helping with roof repairs and fixing walkways to laying foundations and foundation walls. No project is too large or too small for our professional team of remodelers, designers, and builders. We’ll see that the work is done right and done on schedule. Below are some of the various services we can offer you.

Masonry and Hardscape

Never trust work on your property’s masonry and hardscape services to anyone but the most experienced contractors. Our experts offer complete masonry and hardscape services, including repairs, restoration, remodeling, shoring, and work on retaining walls, driveways, caissons and piles, and hillside construction.


If you’re building a new home, or you require work on the roof of your current one, get in touch with our roofing professionals. We work with the best material and can provide assistance whether you just need repairs for a tile roof, or a complete replacement for an aging roof or one that has sustained damage.


Are you interested in getting into the business of development investment? You can join with us as an investor and we’ll purchase property together for the home construction. You can trust that our residential contractors will produce a superb final result, and we will work closely with you to ensure mutual benefit and a solid return on your investment.

Conservation Lawn Styles

Saving water is one of the most important concerns in California today, which is one of the reasons that conservation lawns that reduce water usage have become popular. We provide drought–friendly yarding with synthetic grass and drought–tolerant landscaping, also known as xeriscaping. Call us to learn about how you can help conserve water with a new style of lawn.

Concrete Foundation

Few parts of a home are more important than its foundation, since it is responsible for bearing the weight of the building. This isn’t something that you want to entrust to a contractor who is anything less than the best. Schedule your concrete foundation installation with us, and we’ll see that your house has a firm foundation.

Site Plans

When designing a building project, your general contractor must make sure that it stays within all local zoning and construction regulations. Site plans collect the information on a project proposal and then go before a committee for review. We will prepare your site plans so that your project can move ahead smoothly and with minimum red tape delays.

Architectural Plans

At the core of any new construction project are the architectural plans. It takes professionals with years of training and experience to draw up plans that will lead to a successful building project. Our architects, designers, and engineers will help with your architectural plans so you can achieve the results you want.

Electrical Services

Modern buildings must have electrical services, of course. But it’s vital that any construction project have the necessary electrical services performed by licensed technicians to ensure that the completed building lives up to the local electrical code. Our electricians have the skills to see that any electrical work you require—new construction, whole–house rewiring, panel upgrades—is done accurately.

Plumbing Services

Indoor plumbing is part of our everyday lives, and if you have a building that suffers from inferior plumbing, it will lead to everyday hassles. Make sure the plumbing for your home is the best quality possible: call us to take on the job. We provide new construction plumbing, whole–house repiping, and other plumbing installations.


The frame of a building is what gives it its shape and serves as the backbone for its construction. Our framing contractors are among the best in the business, and they will see that your new home or other building has a solid frame to support it. You can trust our team to make sure the construction project is in accordance with all regulations.


Most constructions projects begin with site excavation to clear the ground of any obstructions and provide a level area to start the foundation. In some situations, demolitions are necessary. Excavation is one of the most extensive and difficult parts of new construction, so make sure that you have contractors with the best equipment and training to handle it.

Foundation Walls

The foundation walls of a home are the walls along the perimeter of the concrete foundation. Obviously, these must be strong to help support the home, and they are usually the first parts of a new building that are installed. You can depend on us to handle your new foundation walls so that you have the right material and the best construction.

Finished Basements

Finished basements are basements that can also be used as a living spaces and provide amenities. A finished basement can serve as an additional guest sleeping area, a playroom, a game room, etc. Turning the basement in your home into a finished basement will also value to your house. Contact us for more information about how we can help you plan and complete a finished basement.


There are few residential features more wonderful for Southern California living than having a deck. We’ll help you transform a dull backyard into a place to relax and socialize out in the beautiful California weather. Let our experts design and build a deck that will enhance your home as well as fit in with your budget.

Flooring Installation

Putting in new floors for a house, either as a remodeling project or for a completely new home, involves making many important decisions, such as the type of building material you’d like to use. When you work with our team of designers and architects, you can rest assured that you will have the new flooring you need that will add beauty and function to your home.


The property around your home contributes as much to its attractiveness as the home itself. Simply having a few plants isn’t enough: you must have professional landscaping services that will elevate your surroundings into something wonderful. Our skilled landscapers can offer you numerous options for developing your property. We also provide landscape remodeling.

Window Installation and Replacement

Windows are more than just a way to let light into your home and allow you to see outside. They are also a protection against the outdoor temperatures, and if poorly installed or replaced they can end up creating drafts. Make sure that you rely on expert contractors like ours for whenever you need new windows put in for your house.

Door Installation and Replacement

A door may seem like the most mundane part of a home, but you’ll be amazed at the difference a quality installation of one can make—especially if you know what can go wrong with an inferior installation job. We provide service to install many types of doors, including energy–efficient models. Call us to learn about your various choices for installation and replacement.

Drainage Systems

Although Los Angeles County doesn’t experience large amounts of rainfall, that actually makes proper drainage on your property even more important since the terrain isn’t prepared for it. We can see that your home is protected from the trouble that rain can cause with our services to install, repair, and maintain drainage systems.


Although a driveway is one of the more functional parts of the hardscape in your house, the function it serves is a vital one. And there’s no reason you can’t also make the driveway into an attractive part of your property. Our contractors can help with construction, new paving, and remodeling of the driveway that serves your home.


Sometimes it’s necessary to clear away old buildings in order to usher in the new. And that requires demolition work. We don’t need to explain to you why you must have professionals handle that task of effectively and safely clearing away the property so the new work can begin! You can also rely on us for times when controlled demolition is necessary as a repair for older fixtures.

Pool Decks

An in–ground pool requires a pool deck, and you must put as much thought into this part of the construction as you do with the pool itself. Our professional deck contractors will see that you have a properly designed and constructed pool deck so that you can enjoy the luxury of your pool all through the year.


Are you planning to have new walkways installed on your property? Or are your old walkways starting to chip, crack, or sink into the ground? Just give us a call to arrange for walkway construction and replacement that will meet your exact needs. We use a variety of materials to see that you’re completely satisfied with the job.