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Site Plans in Los Angeles, CA by AGA Construction, Inc.

AGA Construction, Inc. - Site Plans

Beginning construction for a new property is certainly not a quick process. There are a lot of steps you have to go through before you can start to build, and careful planning is necessary to give you an idea of the space you’re working with. Drawing up a site plan is one of the most difficult steps for any homeowner, especially since detailed plans must be submitted to the city in order to get a building permit. These plans include a map of the property and very detailed information to ensure compliance with building codes and city regulations.

Call AGA Construction, Inc. if you are in the beginning stages of planning for new construction or home renovation. We have experience making site plans for commercial and residential properties in Los Angeles, CA. Our team is familiar with city standards and will continue working with you to see that your plans get approved. Draft your site plans with us, and your new construction or renovation project will go a lot more smoothly in our hands.

AGA Construction, Inc. provides site plans for new construction or renovations in Los Angeles, CA.

Site Plans: A Crucial Part of the Process

Any new construction or renovation project must have site plans submitted to the city for approval first and foremost. Construction cannot begin until you receive a permit for the work. The city planning department expects detailed plans that prove the construction project fits into local guidelines. You must include a detailed and accurate to–scale map of the property you are planning to work on. An outline of the property, driveway, and any other structures on the property must also be present. The absence of even the smallest detail—like a description of the trees on the property or a north–facing arrow on the map—makes your site plan incomplete.

Professional Site Plans Make the Difference

There is something you should know about site plans: they are definitely not easy to draft. This part of the planning process is something you should have a lot of input in, but drafting the plan is a job for professionals. An expert who already knows what to include and has experience drawing up site plans will likely make the process go a lot faster. With a professional guiding you through the process, your plans may be approved more quickly so that you can get construction started as soon as possible.

Call AGA Construction, Inc. for Site Planning Services in LA

We offer site plan services for new properties and existing structures anywhere in the Los Angeles area. We are happy to sit down with you and discuss your plans. We want to help you make sure your plans are acceptable according to local codes and regulations and that your submission for approval goes as smoothly as possible. AGA Construction, Inc. can also help revise your existing site plans if they are not quite up to par. When you want quality building and site planning in Los Angeles, CA, just turn to our skilled, experienced team.