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Masonry Repair in Los Angeles, CA

AGA Construction, Inc. - Masonry Repair

Masonry and hardscape form an important part of most homes and the property on which they sit. When masonry sustains damage due to weather, time, earthquakes, or other forces, it can’t simply be permitted to go without repairs—especially if it’s part of the foundation or other crucial structure of the house. Call on masonry repair experts to handle the necessary work. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will likely become.

You have a fantastic local resource for masonry repair in Los Angeles, CA a phone call away. AGA Construction, Inc. can take care of crumbling mortar, cracking in the foundation, bulging walls, and any other trouble you may discover in the masonry in and around your house. We provide a wide variety of construction services and can apply numerous tools and methods to solve whatever repair issues you may have. Call us today.

The professional building contractors at AGA Construction, Inc. offer masonry repair services in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.

Masonry Repair Issues You May Encounter

It’s easy to imagine that the masonry and brick and mortar work around your home is invincible and will never need to receive professional attention to repair it. Although stonework is meant to last for decades, that doesn’t mean it can’t become chipped, cracked, or damaged in some way. Here are some masonry repairs you might encounter, and which you should keep a close watch for.

Bulging bricks
Bricks that seem to be pushing out from the rest of the wall is a common problem that can happen due to poor water drainage that allows too much water to run down the side of the bricks. Bricks that are bulging are not only unattractive, they severely weaken the support they should provide.
This is when the weight of the masonry causes bricks and stones to sink. This is often due to poor initial installation, and it’s a good reminder of why you must always rely on professional contractors when it comes to new masonry and hardscaping.
No masonry issue is more common than cracks. This can happen because of shifting ground, a settling house, earthquakes, or falling objects. Whatever the reason, you should have it fixed as soon as possible since it is not only unpleasant looking, it can lead to further collapse.
Crumbling mortar
If you notice that the mortar between bricks is starting to crumble off, leaving debris along the ground, it usually indicates there’s a more serious trouble with the brickwork, such as moisture accumulation. This is something you need to have masonry repair experts look into right away.

We Are Your Resource for Masonry Repair

It takes special skill, training, and equipment to handle masonry repair work. It is not a job that can be entrusted to amateurs. The team at AGA Construction, Inc. has the necessary skills and tools to take care of those cracks, bulging breaks, and chipped surfaces so that you have your masonry restored to its original state. Call us today for service in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas to repair your home’s masonry.