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AGA Construction, Inc. Offers Home Remodeling, Renovation, New Construction and Landscaping Services in Los Angeles, CA

Working with skilled professionals is always a good idea. When you are talking about something on the scale of a new construction project, home remodeling, or extensive landscaping, though, it is an absolute necessity. Not only do you want to know that your general contractors and builders are qualified for the job that you are hiring them for, but you also want to know that they are trustworthy and that they’ll see to it that the job is completed to your standards.

This is precisely the level of quality that you can count on when you work with the general contractors and builders on the AGA Construction, Inc. team. We excel in a wide variety of services, including home remodeling home renovation and new construction services in Los Angeles, CA. Contact a member of our staff today with any questions that you may have regarding our bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling or other residential and/or commercial services.

AGA Construction, Inc. provides new construction, home remodeling, renovations and landscaping services in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.

New Construction by AGA Construction, Inc.

Are you having a brand new home built for yourself and your family? Do you have a vision in your head of what you’d like this home to entail, but need help getting from this vision to a fully realized finished product? Then give AGA Construction, Inc. a call. Building a new home is certainly a daunting task, but it is one that we can handle with the skill and expertise that such a major job demands. Whatever you have in mind for your new home, we’ll make sure that you’re pleased with the outcome.Whether you need a general contractor in Brentwood or a roofer in Sherman Oaks, we’ve got you covered. 

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is a fairly intimate space in your home. It is also one that many homeowners seem to think of as being entirely functional. In truth, though, your bathroom should offer a perfect balance between function and fashion. For a room that you spend so much time in to fail on either level is unacceptable. Let us renovate your bathroom as needed to make it more comfortable and accessible or just give us a call to have custom bathroom cabinets designed, fabricated, and installed. No matter what your bathroom may need, we’ll make it happen.

Home Remodeling by AGA Construction, Inc.

Do you already own a home, but are unsatisfied with its design or architecture? Do you know what it is that you’d like to change with your home, but need the help of professional builders and carpenters to get the job done? Then schedule your home remodeling services with AGA Construction, Inc.. We are more than capable of guaranteeing that your home remodeling services are completed with the utmost care for truly exceptional results. When you work with use, you’ll finally have the home you’ve always wanted.

Commercial Services

Commercial properties tend to be larger than most residences, and they also tend to have quite extensive systems therein. That is why, if you need any commercial services, including new commercial construction or commercial renovations, you must hire specialists with experience in the commercial sector. We are just the contractors to call for doing so. We are well–versed in the challenges that commercial services can pose, and have an impeccable record of overcoming them successfully.

Room Additions by AGA Construction, Inc.

Have you outgrown your home? Are you planning on taking in some additional, full time residents? Do you just want to put in that extra bathroom that you’ve always dreamed of? Whatever your motivation for considering a room addition in your home, we are the contractors to call. Just because your home was of a certain size when you bought, it doesn’t mean that it must stay that size forever. Let AGA Construction, Inc. help you to expand your home as needed.

More Services

Forgive us for being vague here, but the fact of the matter is that our service offerings are just far too extensive to list off in full. Need masonry or hardscape restoration services? We can do that. Is it time for a new roof, landscaping services, new door installations, or demolition of any sort? You only need one number for all of them, and it is ours. The bottom line is this: if it involves improving upon your property or the structures thereupon, then we can likely help. Speak with a member of the AGA Construction, Inc. team today if you have any questions regarding the specifics of our truly extensive offerings.

Kitchen Remodeling 

Your kitchen may have fallen out of fashion, but it need not stay that way. If you are unhappy with the visual aesthetic of your kitchen, or if you are concerned about poor workflow in your kitchen due to a subpar design or layout, just let us know. There are a lot of reasons as to why homeowners may choose to remodel their kitchens. Whatever the specifics of your situation, though, one thing is certain: you absolutely must schedule your kitchen remodeling services with qualified, experienced contractors.

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