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Caissons & Piles in Los Angeles, CA

AGA Construction, Inc. - Caissons & Piles

AGA Construction, Inc. handles a large number of construction services for homes and commercial buildings. One of the most important services that we offer are for caissons and pile foundations, which are crucial parts of the foundation of many buildings, especially those built on unstable and loose soil that require more help than a standard concrete foundation. When you are planning a building project, you don’t want to guess whether your contractor needs to put in caissons or piles. That’s why you must always hire the best contractors you can find in the area.

You can rely on our team of engineers and design-build contractors to discover what is best for the construction of your new house or commercial building. We provide caisson drilling and pile foundations that will make certain that the structure that sits atop them remains stable. We strive to provide the best customer service and satisfaction possible in Los Angeles, CA. Call us today to arrange an appointment.

The professionals at AGA Construction, Inc. offer services for caissons and piles in Los Angeles, CA and the Greater Los Angeles Area.

What Are Caissons?

You may have only heard of caissons before in "The Caisson Song," which is the official song of the U.S. Army. ("Over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail / As the caissons go rolling along…") You probably don’t know what caisson means there either. (It refers to a kind of ammo wagon.) However, in engineering, a caisson has a variety of meanings. The one we’re concerned with here is a concrete and steel bar foundation that goes into a deep hole in the ground that reaches to the bedrock. Caissons are designed to prevent the soil under a building from moving vertically and allowing the structure to settle and suffer from damage. Caissons are also useful for construction over or near water. Our contractors will know if your project will require caissons and how to drill to put them in place.

Installation of Pile Foundations

If you are building on unstable soil, you may need to have a pile foundation under the structure. A pile transfers the structural load to a required depth through the soft soil to a bearing stratum. Like caissons, piles are usually made of concrete with steel bars running through them. Piles are common in Los Angeles, CA for both residential and commercial buildings. Your engineers will know if piles are necessary for your construction project’s stability.

We Offer Drilling and Caisson Services in Los Angeles, CA

Understanding caissons and piles requires years of engineering training, and the team at AGA Construction, Inc. has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete any job using them to your total satisfaction. You may not know if you need to have caisson drilling and piles for your new construction project, but you don’t have to worry when you have our engineers and design–build professionals on the job. We will take care of whatever work is necessary to see that you receive the exact result you want. Call one of our experts today to discuss the options available to you in Los Angeles, CA for new construction.