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Retaining Walls in Los Angeles, CA

AGA Construction, Inc. - Retaining Walls

So much of the hardscape on your property relies on principles of engineering that require years of professional training to understand. One of these crucial parts of residential hardscaping is the retaining wall, which is a wall designed to hold back earth or water. Most homes need retaining walls in some location, and for larger properties or ones built on slopes there may be multiple retaining walls serving a variety of functions. For a retaining wall to properly perform its job and evenly distribute the weight of earth and/or water without giving way, it must have precision engineering, construction, and installation.

If you need to have retaining walls constructed for a new home, or if you are looking for services to repair damaged retaining walls or use them to make better use of your property, you only have to dial the number to AGA Construction, Inc.. We provide professional construction services to the Los Angeles area and are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship makes us popular with our customers. Trust to us for the retaining wall services that will meet your needs.

The professional building contractors at AGA Construction, Inc. offer services for retaining walls in Los Angeles, CA and the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The Function of Retaining Walls

When most people think of retaining walls, they imagine large stone walls holding back the dirt and soil of a hillside to stop it from collapsing. Although this is one of the important jobs of retaining walls—one often used in commercial and civil engineering—a retaining wall can also serve smaller functions when it comes to residential homes. For example, if you plan to construct a home in an area without much open land (and that includes many places in Los Angeles), a retaining wall can aid in landscaping the available space to make the best use of it. Retaining walls can create space that you never knew your home had available.

Retaining walls are also part of many home foundations, and they need careful construction to make sure that the water which passes through the soil can also pass through the retaining wall, otherwise the water build–up could mean trouble. Retaining walls can also serve purely aesthetic purposes, such as constructing terraced gardens. There are many ways retaining walls can be put to use on residential properties. Make an appointment with us to find out what types of retaining walls will benefit your property.

We Offer Retaining Wall Services

If you’re planning to build a new home, looking to enlarge the use of space around your home, or have an idea for landscaping that may require putting in retaining walls, then call AGA Construction, Inc.. You must rely on the most experienced engineers and builders for a project of this scope and level of technical demand. We not only design structurally sound walls for homes, we also aim to construct walls that are attractive and add to the overall appearance of a home. Our services extend to repairing retaining walls that have suffered damage from age, landslides, water erosion, earthquakes, etc. Contact us in Los Angeles, CA today to learn more.