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Cabinet Construction and Installation in Los Angeles, CA by AGA Construction, Inc.

AGA Construction, Inc. - Cabinet Construction and Installation

When you call AGA Construction, Inc. for a kitchen renovation, you have probably given at least some thought to your cabinets. However, you probably haven’t thought about the actual construction of them. This is where our expert general contractor will help. You don’t have to know the exact ins-and-outs of cabinet construction, but as a homeowner in Los Angeles, CA, you will have some choices to make with your kitchen or bathroom renovation that will involve certain aspects of the construction.

The quality of your cabinets is integral to your new kitchen or bath, and our experts will ensure that you have the highest-quality cabinets installed into your home. We work directly with the vendors and have master carpenters who will make sure your cabinets have been constructed correctly.

When you need expert cabinet construction and installation in Los Angeles, CA, call AGA Construction, Inc..

Framed vs. Frameless Construction

You have probably seen both framed and frameless cabinets, but may not have noticed either construction. The difference is subtle between framed and frameless cabinetry, but you’ll notice the difference when it comes to space.

Essentially, a framed cabinet is one that has a frame overlay that acts as a face–frame (which this type is also called) for the inside of the cabinet. This frame typically highlights the divide inside the cabinet between storage spaces, framing it in attractive wood. However, the frame does take up some space. With a framed cabinet, you will have a choice about how the cabinet door is hung.

A frameless cabinet, also called a European–style cabinet, does not frame the inside of the cabinet at all. This can leave extra room, but it does mean that the doors for your cabinets will hang in a singular fashion.

Construction Methods

Here are the different ways in which your cabinets can be constructed. These options are up to you to choose:

Dovetail joints
this type of joint joins the pieces of your cabinetry together with notched, v–shaped cut–outs. This is a very sturdy and durable type of joint.
Mortise and tenon
mortise and tenon is a type of joinery in which a square "post" from one end of a piece of wood inserts into a square hole or cutout in the corresponding piece.
typically used for the sides and back of cabinet drawers, a dado is a groove that is cut into a board or panel so that the corresponding piece can fit into it.
this cut is very much like a dado except that one side of the cut is left open.
Doweled joint
a doweled joint uses small, cylindrical pegs to join two pieces together. Both pieces have holes drilled into them; the dowels are inserted into one piece and left protruding so that the protruding dowels can connect with open holes drilled into the joining piece.
Butt joint
with this type of joint, conjoining pieces are put together edge–to–edge — "butted" together — and the joint is held with nails, glue or screws.

As you can see, cabinet construction has a lot of aspects to consider, but when you work with us for your kitchen renovation in Los Angeles, CA, you won’t be making these decisions on your own. Our pros will make sure your cabinets look just as you want them to and they’ll be installed perfectly.