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Shoring Services in Los Angeles, CA

AGA Construction, Inc. - Shoring

Construction work has always presented some level of danger to the people who perform it. This is one reason it must remain in the hands of trained professionals who bring the right equipment and the knowledge of how to use it safely. When a commercial or residential construction project requires excavation work—such as putting in a foundation or renovating the hardscaping of a garden—one of the key parts of maintaining work safety and allowing the project to move forward on schedule is shoring.

When you are searching in Los Angeles, CA for a building contractor, you must make experience and professionalism a priority. AGA Construction, Inc. is here to meet all of your construction needs, and we take safety as seriously as we do any part of our job. You may not know if your building project requires shoring or not, but we will definitely know—and we’ll take all the steps necessary to see that you have the work done on time, within the budget set, and with everyone kept safe.

To schedule shoring services in Los Angeles, CA and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, call on AGA Construction, Inc..

The Purpose of Shoring

The verb to shore means "to support by or as if by a post or beam with auxiliary members, especially one placed obliquely against the side of a building." In modern architecture and engineering, shoring isn’t far from this dictionary definition. But it has a specific application: shoring up the soil and dirt around a trench area where construction work is occurring.

When excavating an area and laying down foundations, piles, caissons, earthquake retro–fitting etc., the workers must have a clear area that is protected from the collapse of the earth around it. If you’ve ever watched a construction site in its early stages, you’ll have seen the extensive shoring around the perimeter of the work area require to keep workers safe—and the project moving ahead at a steady rate. Expert shoring is beneficial for safety and work efficiency.

Do You Need Shoring Services in Los Angeles, CA?

For the most part, shoring isn’t something you will need to concern yourself with. It’s a job that rests entirely upon the building contractors. Where you do need to be concerned is that you have professional contractors who are experienced with putting in the shoring that will ensure the jobsite remains safe and the professionals working on the project can tackle their job without interference. You will require shoring services for many jobs, including new home construction, installation of septic tanks, new retaining walls, extensive landscaping, hillside stabilization, and earthquake retrofitting.

Rely on AGA Construction, Inc. for Expert Shoring

AGA Construction, Inc. has the experience working on residential and commercial building foundations, hardscaping and landscaping, earthquake–proofing, and hillside construction that makes us experts when it comes to shoring services. Our years of work in Los Angeles, CA dealing with the issues that seismic activity presents to structures also makes us specially qualified when shoring is an essential part of completing a construction project. Keeping our workers safe and productive is something we take seriously on every job that we perform. Contact us today if you need residential or commercial construction work.