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Hillside Construction in Los Angeles, CA

AGA Construction, Inc. - Hillside Construction

Making the best use of the available space in Los Angeles, CA often means construction on the sides of hills. Unfortunately, hillside construction presents a number of significant engineering challenges, especially when you consider that earthquakes pose a large danger in this part of the country. If you’re planning on the construction of a home or commercial building on a hillside, you must have a professional building contractor who is familiar with the structural and foundational needs to keep the building stable and safe.

AGA Construction, Inc. specializes in hillside construction in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and we apply all the knowledge and skill we use for our many other building projects to make certain that you hillside home or commercial building construction comes off without a hitch. Our services include building retaining walls, earthquake retrofitting, hillside stabilization, house bolting, and construction of concrete reinforcements and grade beams. Call us today and we will be glad to discuss what we can do for your hillside construction.

If you need hillside construction services in Los Angeles, CA or the surrounding areas, look to the professionals at AGA Construction, Inc..

The Challenges of Hillside Construction

The numerous hills, slopes, valley sides, and palisades in Los Angeles once placed restrictions on where people could build. But modern engineering has conquered the problem and permitted homes and businesses to take root on even very steep slopes and make use of this valuable real estate. There are many challenges to hillside construction, however, and only professional builders and engineers can take on the task of making sure that a home has the secure foundation necessary for a hillside perch.

There is no single set of techniques used for all hillside construction. Experienced contractors such as ours will apply the best techniques for each situation. A project will start with extensive planning and designs, then proceed with excavation, engineering the soil for stabilization, and building retaining walls and caissons (deep concrete and steel foundations). Special focus is placed on earthquake–proofing the structure. Our designers will work with you every step of the way through this process so that your home/building is both safe and cost–effective. No doubt, this is difficult work—but we have the experience, tools, and dedication to see that you receive the final result you need.

Hillside Foundation Repairs

If you live in a hillside home, you might at some point become concerned about damages due to earthquakes, slides, and soil erosion. Our contractors are able to assist you in this situation as well. We provide repair work for hillside foundations, and can install new grade beams to disperse the weight. We will repair retaining walls and anything else that requires shoring up so that your house maintains its solid foundation.

Call Us for Your Hillside Construction Needs

You never want to take chances when it comes to any type of home or commercial construction. So why would you want to take a chance on amateur or inferior work when it comes to hillside home or commercial construction? Look to AGA Construction, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA for hillside construction and hillside foundation repairs.