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Custom Kitchen Additions in Los Angeles, CA by AGA Construction, Inc.

AGA Construction, Inc. - Custom Kitchen Additions

Do you have a kitchen you love but it just isn’t big enough to meet the needs of your family? Then it may be time to consider adding space on to your kitchen. This kind of construction project is no small endeavor, but it can be a great one when you work with the pros from AGA Construction, Inc. from beginning to end.

It takes skill, experience and expertise to expand an existing kitchen so that it functions as you want it to but also maintains the look and feel it already has. Our professional carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other construction experts will make sure your expansion will look like it’s been there all along, but with the new functionality and space you need.

When it’s time to expand your existing kitchen, call the company you can count on to do it right: AGA Construction, Inc..

You Don’t Have to Extend Your Home’s Footprint

One of the biggest expenses of expanding any part of the first floor of your home is also expanding your home’s footprint, i.e., the foundation. However, you don’t absolutely have to expand your home’s footprint to expand your kitchen. One of the best ways to expand your home’s kitchen space is to combine existing spaces around your kitchen into being a part of your kitchen. This will likely entail removing a wall or walls, but with the right help, like the kind you’ll get from AGA Construction, Inc., opening up your space in Los Angeles, CA won’t be an issue. You’ll then want to work with our expert to establish cooking and eating areas as well as comfort areas in which to sit and relax the fruits of your cooking labor.

Don’t Forget to Add More Light

Adding light to any room not only makes it feel warm and comfortable, it also makes the room feel bigger. So, as you are designing your kitchen’s expansion, see where you can add some new windows or better highlight existing ones. Window installation and replacement is one of our specialties, and our experts can help you choose your new windows and seamlessly incorporate them into the new design of your kitchen. We can also improve the appearance of your existing windows by opening up the space around them or adding a lovely transom window above an original window.

We Are Here to Help with All of Your Kitchen Addition Needs in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you are looking to create a bigger cooking space or want to increase your kitchen’s size full footprint and all, we are the experts to call. We have the trained and licensed professionals on staff to make your new addition a reality and the tools and machines to excavate for your added foundation, if that’s what you choose. Contact us today and see how we can help you with your kitchen expansion project in Los Angeles!