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Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles, CA by AGA Construction, Inc.

AGA Construction, Inc. - Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinetry adds something into your home’s kitchen design that may not be fully captured by stock cabinets: you. Your style, your flare, your own personal taste. This doesn’t mean that stock cabinets are terrible; they certainly aren’t. But you may find that custom cabinets fit you and your new kitchen better than some of the standard designs.

The kitchen remodeling experts at AGA Construction, Inc. can help you think through your cabinet design, including the type of material, any finishes, hardware, etc. We’ll then turn your requirements over to our professional cabinet makers so they can fully execute the vision into reality. We have licensed, professional carpenters on staff who will expertly install your custom cabinets and handle any precision finish work needed to complete the look, feel and function of your new cabinetry.

Let AGA Construction, Inc. help you create and install your new custom kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles, CA.

5 Factors to Keep in Mind for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Your kitchen cabinets are a major factor in the overall design of your new kitchen. Not only do you need enough cabinetry to meet your storage needs, the cabinets need to complement and be an integral part of your kitchen’s feel and design. Here are five important factors to keep in mind when choosing the cabinets for your kitchen in Los Angeles, CA:

Type of material
wood has traditionally been the go–to material for kitchen cabinets, but you do have other choices you may want to consider, such as durable laminates or metals like stainless steel.
Door style
once you have the material chosen, you next need to review your options for door styles. You can go with a very ornate style, one that highlights the grain of the wood or even none at all.
Mount style
there are four main ways in which kitchen cabinetry is hung: overlay, full overlay, flush and inset. Your general contractor can help you decide which option will be the best choice for you.
Types of finishes
you can get pretty creative with the finish on your kitchen cabinets, going with a traditional stain or using a distressed look to give you an antique feel.
hardware may be small, but the wrong hardware on your custom cabinetry will look odd. Take some time to review your choices.

What Is the Difference between a Glaze and a Stain?

Glazes and stains are popular finishes to put on kitchen cabinetry, but it is important to understand what each really is as each is different and provides a unique look and feel. The main difference between a stain and a glaze is that stains are absorbed by wood (if that is the material you are using) whereas glazes sit on top of the wood. This is because while glazes and stains contain the same kinds of additives — solvent, binder and pigment —the ingredients are mixed in very different ratios. These factors dictate how glazes and stains interact and appear. Stains will have an even look and enhance the grain of wood; a glaze will crevices in the wood, and are used to create a distressed look.

Your kitchen cabinetry is the face of your new kitchen. Let AGA Construction, Inc. help you make that look be exactly what you want with our professional custom kitchen services in Los Angeles, CA.