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The Major Steps of a Remodeling Project

There are plenty of articles out there detailing aspects of the remodeling process, such as choosing cabinetry and selecting a remodeling contractor. But in order to focus on the details of a remodeling job, you want to know exactly how the process will go. Here, we take a look at some of the major steps involved with any significant remodel so that you can feel confident getting the project started.

  • Seeing the big picture: Come up with a budget and a realistic overview of how you expect the new room to look. Look at pictures in magazines and online, ask friends and neighbors for advice, and have a good idea of the larger details and many of the smaller ones for the room you envision.
  • Choosing a contractor: Now it’s time to find a contractor who can help you to realize this vision. Choose a licensed and bonded contractor with plenty of references and a large portfolio with samples of work similar to the work you want done. Remember that this contractor will be with you throughout the entire process, so select someone who you want to work with. (This won’t necessarily be the person who gives you the lowest estimate.)
  • Planning: Carve out a large chunk of time to spend with your key contact for the remodeling job, discussing your plans in detail and coming up with a schedule for the work. This is the time to apply for permits, meet your construction crew, and gather the materials. Leave contact information for the crew and set a weekly schedule to meet and discuss progress and any changes that need to be made.
  • Setting up and knocking down: Remove personal belongings and valuables from the area, set up a place to receive deliveries, set up a kitchen elsewhere in the home (or pack up to move out temporarily). Make sure there is plenty of plastic sheeting and other dust covers, as you can expect a whole lot of dust once the project gets moving and the wrecking crew steps in.
  • Rebuilding: The team will work on the foundation first, framing the walls and floors before working on the plumbing and electrical wiring. The insulation, drywall, siding, and ceilings go in, followed by cabinetry, appliances, counters, trimming, and light fixtures, and finally the finishing touches like flooring and any changes to plumbing and electrical components.

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