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Tips to Create a Functional Sunroom

One of the most popular room additions that homeowners invest in are sunrooms. One of the biggest benefits of a sun room is that you can enjoy it any time of the year, no matter the weather. But given the gorgeous weather we experience in Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding areas, sunrooms provide an optimal way to enjoy where we live.

However, when it comes to designing this type of room for your home, you want to ensure you are getting as much functionality out of it as possible. It’s important to know your options, both for the main structure and the glass components.

Choose Your Material

  • Vinyl: This is the most popular material for sunroom or seasonal room supports. It is inexpensive and offers the best in overall strength and insulation.
  • Aluminum: This is more expensive than vinyl and not as good of an insulator, however it provides added strength to the overall structure of your sunroom’s walls and roof. Also, you could add a vinyl coating for insulation.
  • Wood: Many homeowners choose to have a screen room, rather than a full on sunroom. If this is the case, wood is the most appropriate structure choice as it’s easiest to attach screen mesh to timbers.

Know Your Window Options

The U-value of the glass you use in your sunroom is very important. This rating is a measurement of the rate of heat loss indicating how well your windows keep heat in or out. The lower the U-value is, the better the thermal performance of your glass windows, doors, ceiling, and/or skylights.

Consider the Environment

Living in the Los Angeles area, we are well aware that we have more warm days than not. No matter what type of windows your sunroom has, or how good the insulation is, there will be times that it may get uncomfortably warm.

Most people do not install HVAC systems within their sunrooms. However you can still cool down the room by adding ceiling fans. While ceiling fans do not lower the temperature, they provide a substantial cooling effect. For the rare cold nights that we experience, installing a fireplace is also an option.

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