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Could Your Bathroom Use a Makeover?

When you’re decorating your home, the bathroom is often the last room you think of changing. As soon as you move in, you might begin adding fun, colorful touches to your living room or putting soft, relaxing décor into your bedroom. But the bathroom is so small, you might completely pass it over.

Has your bathroom been the same boring space for years? Are white walls and outdated fixtures making you realize it’s time for a change? What are you waiting for?

Change the Décor

When you’re tired of the same old bathroom décor—or if your bathroom has always been bland—make some small changes for a more relaxing bath or for a room that reflects your fun, interesting household.

  • Paint the walls. Simply changing the color of your bathroom walls can make a major difference. Go with lighter colors for a brighter, cleaner look. Or pick a relaxing purple or blue to make it a little more fun.
  • Decorate purposefully. Having too many pictures and decorations makes a bathroom feel cluttered. Remove any clutter from your bathroom and choose one or two pieces of décor that pop. Colorful curtains are nice, or add a plant or two to any wall-mounted shelving.
  • Update the fixtures. You may be able to update your sink or toilet without doing any major remodeling. But if you’re really unhappy with the layout of your current bathroom features, it may be time for a more extreme makeover.

Make a Bigger Change

Maybe a simple spruce isn’t what your bathroom really needs. There are many reasons to consider a complete bathroom remodel.

  • You don’t have enough space.
  • The fixtures are in inconvenient locations.
  • You want to make it easier for an elderly person or a child to use and feel comfortable.
  • You want a walk-in shower or spa-like fixtures added to your bathroom.

Find a contractor near you and make the change you deserve!

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