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Finding the Right Oven and Range Configuration for Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen means throwing out that old clunky oven and trading it in for a high-tech model that makes things more convenient for you. Or maybe you want two ovens. An extra range? There are so many possibilities to consider. Talk to our remodeling contractors to learn more, and check out a list of popular oven and cooktop arrangement for your new kitchen.

  • Saving Counter Space – Focus on making more room to prepare and serve food for an ideal kitchen arrangement. Forgoing the traditional oven/stove combination is an easy way to do this. Most modern ovens can be built into the kitchen rather than installed as a standalone unit.
  • Double Ovens – Two single ovens side-by-side make it easier to get things done, cooking food at different temperatures as necessary for your gourmet meal. You can keep them at a higher level so that you can easily reach inside each of them and monitor your food. Or, space them apart with drawers in between.
  • Stacked Ovens – Having ovens stacked one on top of the other simplifies your kitchen. A stacked oven/microwave combo makes things even more efficient, with all of your cooking appliances in one place, including a broiler drawer underneath. This is a common kitchen remodeling arrangement lately, as it can make a kitchen look a lot less cluttered and can make more room for storage.
  • Making Use of the Kitchen Island – Not sure where to put the cooktop? Having it above the oven is a thing of the past. Remodeling contractors can put your range almost anywhere and customize it for your needs. But one easy and convenient place is the kitchen island. Or if you prefer, this is a good place to position your oven as well.

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