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Creative Bathroom Lighting Ideas

When you update your bathroom, you probably focus primarily on the bigger picture. You care about what types of fixtures will be in your bathroom, where they will be placed, and how excellent the water pressure will be.

Something you probably think less about is how well the bathroom will be lit. But lighting is something that can make a major difference in your morning and nightly routines. Lighting can make you feel relaxed, focused, or confident. It all depends on what you choose!

Matching your color scheme with sconces

Sconces give you the unique opportunity to match your color and design scheme, rather than going with traditional lighting designs or matching the faucets and fixtures. For example, you can use a matte black wall-mounted sconce for a black-and-white bathroom design. Vintage designs add elegance and style, or you can get creative with sconces designed to look like mason jars or candles.

Add a touch of class with pendant lighting

Lights hang down from the ceiling on a metal “string” to add elegance and décor. This is often used in lieu of lighting mounted directly over the mirrors. It’s particularly helpful in bathrooms with high ceilings, where ceiling-mounted lights would not help illuminate the room very well.

Put in lighting wherever you can

There’s something to be said for subtlety when it comes to your lighting design. Having only a few vanity lights makes sense for many homeowners, though you may want to take the opposite approach.

You can layer light for balance. For example, you’ll have windows for natural light, lighting above the vanity, and adjustable overhead lighting. Or you can fill a room with light in whatever way helps you get through your morning routine!

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