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Should You Get a Bigger Kitchen?

Are you ready to take steps to make your home a more pleasant place to be? The first room many people decide to renovate is the kitchen. And for a lot of people, the biggest priority is space.

So what do you think? Is it a good time to renovate your kitchen and add in some space so that you want to spend more time in the room where food and memories are made? Let us help you decide whether it’s time to get a bigger kitchen.

Options for Expanding Your Kitchen

When you are thinking about adding space onto your kitchen, you have a few different options.

  • Kitchen addition – This will be your most expensive option, but it’s worth it for some homeowners. Adding on square footage to your home helps you to get more out of it for longer.
  • Bump-out – A bump-out addition is perfect to add in a dining space to your kitchen and to give it a unique look and feel. Adding in a small bump-out gives you a small bit of space without too much hassle during the renovation process.
  • Borrowed space – You can take space away from the neighboring living area. Or, take out the wall altogether and make it into a great room, so the cook in the family can feel like they are hanging out in the main room when they are making a meal.

Making a Kitchen Feel Bigger

You can also always make it appear as though you have more space than you really do.

  • Clean up clutter, and add storage in the kitchen to put it all. WE recommend open shelving rather than closed cabinetry, so as not to close in the walls.
  • Use light colors and lots of lighting to brighten up a room and make it appear larger.
  • Decorate with small personal touches, not large ones.

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