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Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors for a Bathroom Remodel

At AGA Construction, Inc., we know that every detail of your bathroom remodel makes a difference. We want to help you with all of the toughest decisions.

Frameless shower doors—those without an aluminum frame around the door—are growing in popularity due in large part to the simplicity of the design and modern trends in bathroom remodeling. Still, framed shower doors have their advantages. Take a look.

Shower Doors with Frames: The Pros

The traditional glass shower door has a frame along which the sliding door is pulled, or which serves as a stopping point for a glass door that swings open and shut. Many people have complaints about the look of this frame in a new bathroom remodel, but it does have its benefits.

  • A better seal: A framed shower door is more watertight, with a barrier in place to keep water from sloshing out through a crack in the door.
  • Glass door options: Frameless glass doors must be made of very heavy duty materials. That means there aren’t a lot of options to choose from as far as the design of the actual door. However, a metal frame can support more elaborate, unique glass designs.
  • Cost: A shower door with a frame is typically the less costly option.

Frameless Shower Doors: The Pros

Many people prefer frameless shower doors, despite the higher cost. Why?

  • That seamless look: In modern décor, a frameless shower door simply fits in better. Clean, polished edges, look sleek, and a variety of layouts and design options exist to completely customize your shower as you’d like it.
  • Ease of cleaning: It’s way easier to get the whole shower clean without that clunky frame in the way.
  • Makes a small room seem bigger: A frameless shower door is a great solution to a small bathroom remodel. It makes the space seem bigger, and you can show off tile and other features of your bathroom through the glass.

So which should you choose? Take a look at all of your options and call your local contractors today.

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