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How Do You Pick Out Your New Tile for a Bathroom Remodel?

The tile in a bathroom is a key feature. It can be used in fun, colorful, decorative ways to add style to a bath, or you can choose a classic tiling option in a light color for a more traditional bathroom design. The right tile can completely transform the room, so how do you go about choosing the right tile for your bathroom?

Choosing Tile for Easier Cleaning

We know that you don’t want to spend all of your time cleaning. Something like porcelain or ceramic is sleek and very easy to clean. You wouldn’t want something porous like stone. If you’re set on a low-maintenance bathroom, you might also want to choose larger bathroom tiles. Less grout in between means easier cleaning for you.

Smaller Tile for Slip Resistance

On the other hand, having more grout in between tiles makes for a more slip-resistant bathroom. While you could add a rug into your bathroom, it’s not always ideal for the design, and you may want to go slip-resistant with your tiling design instead. One thing to try is adding small tiles to the floor of a walk-in shower with a glass door, while adding larger tiles in the main area.

Fun Patterns for Your Wall and Floor

Finally, you should have fun with your tile! Choose one color or pattern to pop out of a neutral tiled background. Go with a fun checkered black-and-white pattern for the floor or shower walls with a light blue strip of tile up above on the walls. Contrast the floor with the walls, or choose a fun centerpiece design in the middle of the shower wall. The possibilities are endless!

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