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What Happens When a Remodel Doesn’t Go As Planned?

We know it can be frustrating, but it happens to many people. Even the best contractors cannot predict when something might go wrong in a bathroom or kitchen remodel, as some problems remain hidden until they reach that step.

Below, we offer some advice to help you deal with the possibility of a sudden change of plans. Make sure you’re working with quality contractors who you can trust, and it makes the job a lot easier!

#1: Expect the Unexpected

It’s always good to have a contingency plan should something go wrong with your remodel. This means allowing for extra time in your schedule and extra room in your budget.

A quality contractor adds some extra room into your budget for you, making sure you’re prepared for a possible 15-20% increase in price. This is just in case there is a broken pipe in your home or a structural issue your contractor wasn’t aware of.

#2: Don’t Panic

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is not to panic! Remember, this happens all the time, and a good contractor will be prepared to resolve the issue as soon as possible and work with quality technicians and plumbers to make sure this happens.

#3: Reassess and Move On

The middle of a remodeling job is a terrible time to quit. You are allowed to give yourself some time to think about things. If you and your contractor have irreconcilable differences, is it realistic to hire another contractor at this point? If you’re over budget, can you cut some things out?

Give yourself no more than a couple of days to think things through, and then move on! Finish the job, one way or another, so that you have a kitchen or bathroom again and so that your job doesn’t take weeks or months longer than expected. That would be more stress than it’s worth!

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