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Remodeling FAQ: Can I Make My Bathroom Bigger?

You have finally found the time and saved up the funds to remodel your bathroom. You’re excited to replace the outdated shower and tub setup, or to trade up your antique sink to one that’s more functional. But can you actually get a bigger bathroom during a remodel as well?

Bump-Out Additions

You may be able to expand the size of your bathroom by knocking out a wall in your home. Of course, this means reducing the space in the adjacent room. And plumbers will need to reroute your plumbing in some major ways.

We often recommend bump-out additions to homeowners looking for a way to increase space in the bathroom for mobility or in order to install a bigger tub or shower. A small increase in square footage can make a big difference in such a small room.

However, there are limitations. There is only so much weight a bump-out addition can support, so your contractors are not unlimited in how far they can extend your property.

In addition, you’ll have to apply for a permit and make sure you have all of the right paperwork in. In some areas, certain properties are prohibited from making such major changes to their homes, or it might be difficult to get approval.

Making a Bathroom Seem Larger

If your bathroom feels cramped and you’re unsure about a bump-out addition, there are plenty of ways to make it look a little bit larger.

  • Windows, skylights, and lighting that appears natural can open up a room quite a bit.
  • Light colored paint can trick the eye into thinking a room is larger.
  • Open shelves make the bathroom look organized, and opening up a cabinet door no longer takes up a ton of space.
  • Pedestal sinks have a much smaller footprint than other vanities.

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