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Kitchen Remodeling Guide: Designing a Kitchen That Lasts

When your kitchen is in need of an update, it’s time to call in professionals to help you out with a remodel. But what if you get tired of the style of your new kitchen in a few years? Is it worth the upgrade when remodeling trends change so drastically from year to year?

If you’re worried about keeping up with the trends, we have some advice for you. Read the guide below to learn more, and meet with a contractor to settle on a design you love that lasts for decades to come!

Choose Timeless Features

Going a bit more traditional with your kitchen means having a design you’ll be proud of for years to come. Your guests will continue to admire your roomy cabinets, excellent lighting, large seating area, deep sink, and tiled backsplash for years to come.

Paint the Walls

You may be worried that you’ll tire of the color of your kitchen. It might be a better idea to go neutral with the appliances, cabinetry, and tiles. Bright red appliances or vintage yellow or pink might seem fun now, but good lose their appeal as time goes on.

Instead, paint the walls! It’s something you can always change later on to make your kitchen feel new again.

Go with Your Gut

Finally, a good way to make sure that your kitchen style lasts you for years to come is to go with colors, features, and appliances that you like, without paying attention to the latest trends.

If there is a sink design that you love and that will make dishwashing and cooking easier, go with it, and don’t worry if the magazines say it’s out of style. In a number of years, it might be back in style, and you’ll still be happy with an appliance or fixture you’ve always loved.

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