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The Coolest Kitchen Remodeling Feature: Your New Fridge

Remodeling a kitchen usually means that you gain space for preparing and cooking food and for spending time with family friends. Updating the cabinetry and the hardware in your kitchen is always a plus, making it easier to find what you need and store utensils, bowls, and knives where you can easily reach them.

These details matter quite a bit with your kitchen remodel, but today we want to look at something a little bit cooler: the fridge! Check out what modern fridges have to offer you and your family.

Advanced Refrigeration and More

Today’s refrigerators have advanced controls, a variety of door and freezer combinations, and much more. Check out some of the features you’ll find when you shop around for your new fridge!

  • Digital Thermostats – Maintaining accurate temperatures is important for food safety. Set the temperature accurately with digital controls.
  • Zoning – A new fridge may have zoning controls to vary the temperature throughout the fridge, or you might choose a five-door option that makes it easier to separate the refrigerator into various zones.
  • More Space – Refrigerators manufactured today are optimized for space, with French doors, bottom freezers, or whatever you need.
  • Efficiency – Thanks to advancements in compressor manufacturing, today’s refridgerators are more efficient than ever.
  • Smart Refrigerators – That’s right! While some smart refrigerators help you track energy usage and whether the door is left open, others have cameras you can use to track items and label them with expiration dates. A digital screen outside of some models allows you to access recipes online and make notes and shopping lists…wow!
  • Hot Water – You’ve certainly encountered refrigerators that dispense cold water, but what about hot water? This is perfect for the tea drinker, those on-the-go instant soup days, or for new parents warming a baby’s bottle.

Contact AGA Construction, Inc. for kitchen remodeling from licensed and bonded contractors in Beverly Hills, CA. Present our offer at your initial estimate and you can get a free refrigerator with your remodel (up to $1200 for remodeling jobs of $35,000 or greater).  

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