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Remodel an Older Bathroom but Keep the Charm

You love the charm of your older home—but it’s time for a change. Practicality comes first in a bathroom, but the overall look of your old-style home is important to you. You can remodel an older bathroom while still holding onto that sense of charm. Check out our advice and call a local contractor!

Choose a Style and Stick with It

Do your research first and foremost! Try starting with the style of your older home. If you have a bungalow or a craftsman style home, do a search online to see what bungalow baths or craftsman baths traditionally look like. Check out what other people have done with their bungalow or craftsman bath remodeling projects as well. You may want to mix the old with the new and try a colonial revival with updated classic features with a modern twist. Whatever you decide, stick with it!

Refresh Classic Details

If you have an older home with an older bath, don’t throw out everything and start over unless you have good reason to. Wainscoting, for example, adds character to an older bathroom, and it may only need a fresh coat of white paint to pair with lightly covered walls. Match new details to some of the existing features of your bathroom.

New Fixtures with a Vintage Feel

When you’re shopping for faucets, tubs, and showers, look for those that give off the vintage appearance while still saving water. Choose modern brass or nickel fixtures, or those that give off the appearance of antiqued brass or aged tin. You can even do a bit of vintage shopping online or in stores to find the antique fixture of your dreams, like a clawfoot tub.

Call AGA Construction, Inc. Get started on the vintage bathroom remodel you want for your home in Hidden Hills, CA or a nearby area!

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