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Where to Cut Costs on a Kitchen Remodel

When you’re working on a kitchen remodel, the costs start to add up fast. If you don’t have money saved for a professional remodel, we recommend making small changes and saving a kitchen overhaul for later. A DIY project can go wrong fairly easily, and professional contractors will make sure you have a beautiful, professional finished product.

But if you are planning on a professional kitchen remodel, and you just want to know about some ways to make the job a little easier and less costly, check out our tips of where you may be able to cut some corners.

Avoiding Major Changes

You can do what you can to avoid changes to walls and plumbing systems if you want to save yourself some trouble and a major expense in a remodel. If you don’t mind having your sink in the same place, you’ll save money by not expanding or rerouting piping.

Don’t Change Your Mind

Change orders can be a huge hassle. If you purchase a product, and change your mind later on, it sets the whole remodeling process off track from what your contractor planned. Ordering the new product, sizing the kitchen, and getting it into place will cost you in labor, so minimize change orders as much as possible.

Avoid changing your mind by ensuring you get the right product in the first place. When you’re previewing cabinetry and appliances, make sure you are looking at the exact product you need, since prices can vary drastically depending on model, size, and finish.

Save on Cabinetry

We don’t recommend cutting corners on modern cabinetry features like soft-close drawers, and you should make sure you have enough storage space to keep the kitchen functional no matter how your life changes and what kitchen gadgets you collect. However, you can skimp on the cabinetry finish. There are plenty of options for wood veneer cabinets that look like the real thing.

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