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3 Tips for Considering a Room Addition

A room addition is a big step, and there’s no way to feel completely prepared for what’s to come. Disrupting your home life is never easy, but the results are well worth the hassle. And when you work with a great contractor, you’ll feel a lot more informed and at peace every step of the way.

Below, get some of our tips on what to know when you’re planning for a room addition. Then, call our team for more information and to schedule your consultation!

Set a Realistic Budget

Budgeting is tricky when it comes to a major home renovation. There’s no good way to get a realistic estimate, since you don’t know whether contractors will run into electrical troubles, plumbing concerns, or any other changes that set the original plan a bit off course.

Remember that you shouldn’t expect a room addition to be a bargain if you want it to go well. Add a little wiggle room to the estimate your contractor gives you. And select your preferred contractor by their credentials and portfolio, not by whoever gives you the lowest quote. Remember that your room addition will come with maintenance costs as well, such as added utilities and property tax.

Get the Proper Paperwork

This is another step that your contractor can help you through. Just know in advance that there might be a lot of red tape to cut through when it comes to doing major construction and renovation work on your property. Be sure to abide by your local zoning laws and codes, and get paperwork out of the way before starting.

Have a Plan for What You’ll Do During

Will such a major renovation disrupt your day-to-day life (and your neighbors’ lives)? Do you have small children who could get in the way, or who could get injured on the job site? Will you need to reorganize your home before the work starts? You should have a complete plan in place before the work begins. Decide on whether you need to find alternative living arrangements and where you will stay. Rearrange the home as needed or pack away certain belongings. Inform friends and neighbors of what is happening, and make sure kids know how to stay safe.

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