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General Contractor and Commercial Services in Beverly Hills, CA

You may be very handy, or have a knack for naturally understanding floor plans and how they should work. You may be equally talented in both of these areas, but these kinds of talents are not enough to jump in with both feet and start a major construction project on your home. Any construction project is a complex process whether you are upgrading a bathroom or adding a great room to your home. And the experts at AGA Construction, Inc. can offer you all the help you need from start to finish so that your home or business looks and functions just as you want it to.

If you are ready to embark on a new construction project in Beverly Hills, CA, call the company you can trust: AGA Construction, Inc..

Steps to Choosing the Right General Contractor

Choosing a general contractor isn’t a matter of flipping through a couple of online listings and going with the fit that looks the best. There are a few very important steps you’ll want to take to vet out whom you are dealing with, and why a certain contractor really is the best fit for your project:

Interview at least 3 contractors
Even if you like a particular contractor or construction company, it is worth your time to see who else is out there and what they can offer. You may be surprised (in a good way!).
Check licenses, complaint histories and any litigation histories
With all of the technology available, it can be pretty easy for any company or person to look good on the surface. Take the time to do some good, old–fashioned research and make sure that you are dealing with who the person or company says they are.
Ask for and check references
Get at least 3 references from each contractor you interview and follow through with checking them.

Our Beverly Hills Carpenters Are Licensed

You can’t have a construction project without using a carpenter. Carpenters handle everything from drywall to finish work, and if yours isn’t properly licensed, you could wind up with serious construction issues on your hands. This will never be the case when you hire AGA Construction, Inc. for your construction project in Beverly Hills, CA. Not only are our carpenters licensed and bonded, all of our workers are. In fact, our general liability covers our workers up to $2 million dollars, our workers compensation covers up to $1 million dollars and our Contractor’s Bond covers up to $12,500. The bottom line: your home and our staff are fully protected during your entire construction process so you won’t ever need to worry about liability when you work with us.

We Are Your Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Custom kitchen cabinets, the right counter tops and the layout you need to have a fully–functional and beautiful space in which to cook is 100% attainable when you hire us for your kitchen remodel in Beverly Hills, CA. Let us help make the vision for your kitchen materialize.

Is It Time for a Bathroom Make–Over?

Today’s bathroom are much more than a place to ’take care of business.’ They can be an in–home oasis, but only with the right design and implementation, and this is where AGA Construction, Inc. comes in. We can turn your bathroom into the relaxing getaway you need – and it all starts with a phone call to us.

Windows & Doors Replacement 

Air leakage can be a huge problem with old, outdated windows. Today’s windows aren’t just attractive, they are highly energy efficient because they are insulated and designed to cut down on air loss while providing your home with the natural light it needs. If it’s time to update your windows, it’s time to contact us.

There’s not a lot of sense in having updated windows in your home along with old, drafty doors. The experts at AGA Construction, Inc. can measure for your new doors, make recommendations and make sure that you have doors that flatter your home and make it function better.

Do You Need a New Roof or Roof Repair?

Even the slightest problem with a roof can cause untold damage to your home. If your roof needs repair, or needs to be fully replaced, let our experts help. We’ll help you choose the right roofing materials and get your roof ready to protect your home in no time.

Other Home Improvement Services offered in Beverly Hills, CA

New Driveway Installation – Creating a driveway or repairing your existing one takes a lot more than putting down another layer of asphalt. Your driveway has to be graded correctly, drainage added and have multiple layers for a stabilized surface. We can help you install a brand new driveway, repair an existing one or replace one that is outdated or crumbling due to wear and tear. Your driveway should be both functional and complimentary to your home, and when you call us for help, this is what you can expect from your finished product.

Electrical Services – Whether you need to have a bad outlet re–wired or your new home’s electrical system installed, we are the experts to call. Our licensed electrical professionals will make sure your home is correctly and safely wired to meet all of your needs while also being in full compliance with all local and state codes.

Concrete & excavation services – Every home sits on top of a foundation, and if that foundation isn’t solid, your home won’t be, either. This will never be a worry when you hire the contracting experts at AGA Construction, Inc. for foundation and excavation work for your home or business. We have the trained professionals, tools and technology to make sure home’s foundation will support your home for years to come.

Professional plumbing services – No home can operate without an efficient plumbing system. If you need help with installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of your home or business’s plumbing system, we are the licensed and bonded experts to call. We can make sure your bathroom remodel has the new plumbing it needs to function or get rid of that recurring clog in your kitchen sink.

Landscaping – It’s amazing how poor landscaping can make an otherwise beautiful home look lackluster. This will never be the case when you hire AGA Construction, Inc. for professional landscaping services. We will design your landscaping to both highlight and enhance your house, bringing out the full beauty of your property. We use a number of elements to bring your landscape alive, including hardscape elements and artificial grass. Let us give you the perfect landscape design for your home in Beverly Hills, CA.

Masonry and hardscape – Blending your masonry and other hardscape elements into your landscaping design takes skill, experience and access to the right tools and materials. When you hire the pros at AGA Construction, Inc. to handle your hardscape and masonry needs, you can rest assured that you are hiring pros with these attributes and more.

Commercial services – Do you need commercial services for your business in Beverly Hills, CA? Services like plumbing, electrical, landscaping and general contractor work? Then we are the place to call. Let our construction pros make sure your commercial property runs and looks as needed with our comprehensive commercial services. We offer electrical, plumbing and landscape services, as well as full contracting services. Call us today!