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New Construction and Home Remodeling Services in Brentwood, CA

When you find yourself looking for exceptional new construction and home remodeling services in Brentwood, CA, you simply need to find our number in order to procure them. Not only are our general contractors some of the finest in the industry, but we also have a full crew of electricians, plumbers, and other construction professionals ready to get your project underway. Don’t bother juggling multiple contractors, or worrying about whether or not your services are being subcontracted out to the lowest bidder. Work with AGA Construction, Inc., and receive the level of quality that you deserve.

Call AGA Construction, Inc. for new construction and remodeling services in Brentwood, CA.

Contact Us to Work with Outstanding General Contractors


Finding professional home builders, carpenters, and general contractors that you can really trust can be tricky. Our team has the reputation that you’d want from such professionals, though, and it is a reputation well–earned. Feel free to ask for references, and follow up on our service offerings with a member of our staff. We are wholly committed to guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with the work that our team completes. You will be happy with the finished product when you hire us.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Service Is Comprehensive

If you are ready to begin a kitchen remodeling project in Brentwood, CA, the first step that you must take is simply to dial our number. We know how integral a part of the home your kitchen is, and we believe that the only way to enjoy one’s kitchen fully is to ensure both fashion and function. Schedule your kitchen remodeling services, including those for custom kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, with our contractors.

Now Is the Time for Bathroom Remodeling

Don’t put off your bathroom remodeling services any longer. Whether you are aiming to make your bathroom more readily accessible for less mobile members of your family, or you just want to overhaul a dated style, we can help. Our contractors excel in bathroom remodeling services of all kinds, and we will work closely with you throughout the process.

Schedule Your Window Installation or Window Replacement with Us

Are you interested in adding new windows to your home? Do you have old windows that are leaving your house drafty and inefficient? Handy as you may be, window installation and window replacement services really must be completed by trained professionals. You can ensure that this is the case when you work with us.

Do You Need a Door Installation or Replacement?

Whether your doors are too thin to drown out sound successfully, or you’d just like to have a bit more accessibility throughout your household, you can count on us to install or replace doors in your home with the quality that you demand. We offer a number of products and designs. Speak with a member of our staff to learn more.

Schedule Your Roofing Repair Services with Us

Does your roof leak? Is it clearly missing some shingles, or sagging in at points? Whatever concerns you may have regarding the condition of your roof, our roofing repair professionals can help. Not only that, but we are also happy to design and install a new roof on your new construction project. Simply put, our team can handle any roofing services that you may require.

We Also Excel in Paving Services

From concrete driveways to larger lots, you can count on the professionals on our staff to complete your paving services in Brentwood, CA with care. Paving a driveway or any other surface is not the type of job that you want to have done twice. With our quality of service, the job is guaranteed to be done right the first time, and in a manner that is meant to last. Work with our paving professionals to reap the full benefits your paving project.

Leave Your Electrical Service to Great Electricians

As wonderful and necessary a resource as electricity may be, you must keep in mind the fact that it can also be quite dangerous if not used properly within one’s home. To guarantee that you are using electricity in as safe and efficient a manner as possible, you need only work with the fine electricians on our staff. From completely wiring new construction projects to handling other, more routine electrical services, we always ensure the proper completion of the job.

Concrete Foundations Require Professional Excavation

Homeowners are bound to encounter problems throughout their homes from time to time. However, certain problems have much more potential than others in terms of the severity of the threat that they pose. This is certainly the case with foundational issues. When you entrust your concrete foundation pour to us, though, including the excavation that the job requires, you can count on it being done right every step of the way. Take no chances with your foundation.

Our Plumbers Can Complete Your Plumbing Services

Many different plumbing services will be necessary throughout your homeownership. Because your plumbing system is so vast, and so much of it is hidden entirely from view, you must take care to guarantee that only professional plumbers service your system. Schedule service with us, and take the guesswork out of the equation. We offer a truly comprehensive selection of plumbing services, so you won’t have to worry about going to different plumbers for different service needs.

When it Comes to Landscaping, We Do it All

Do you want to have artificial grass placed around your property, eliminating worries about both wasting water and having ugly, brown grass to look at? Do you just want to add some flair your grounds, but lack the green thumb necessary for completing your landscaping projects on your own? Then hire our professional landscapers to have the work done by experienced, dedicated individuals. You should pull up to your home and truly enjoy what you see, and great landscaping plays a major role in ensuring that this is the case.

Outstanding Masonry Services Are Just a Phone Call Away

Masonry proficiency is a skill that you cannot pick up just by purchasing the materials needed for a masonry project. It takes years of training and experience that you simply cannot procure by watching a few online instructional videos. It’s not as if you can quickly cover up a botched masonry job, either. If you need any hardscape services completed, or if you want a new pool deck installed on your property, make sure that you leave the job to trained, professional masonry contractors. You’ll save yourself time, money, and a lot of aggravation in doing so.

Contact Us for Commercial Services

If you are a commercial property owner in need of commercial renovation services, or if you are at a point in your career where you are considering the construction of a new commercial property, you need to work with contractors that you can count on to have the job done on time and within budgetary guidelines. That means that you need only dial our 5number. Not only does AGA Construction, Inc. offer great commercial construction services, but we’ll make sure that your plumbing and electrical systems therein are in prime working condition as well.