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New Construction and Home Remodeling in Encino, CA

We know that when you undertake a major remodeling for your home, or you are planning on new construction for a business location, that you will want to have the finest engineers, architects, designers, electricians, and plumbers on the job. What you may not know is that you have already found the right contractor to handle all those jobs: AGA Construction, Inc.. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded company whose goal is to deliver full customer satisfaction on every job and to build up a foundation of trust with all of our clients. Look over the services we offer in Encino, CA, and then contact us to set up your project.

We offer superb construction, remodeling, and other contractor services in Encino, CA.

Looking for General Contractors, Professional Home Builders, and Carpenters?


Communication is one of the keys to a successful construction project, no matter if it’s a small job such as putting in custom cabinets or a large job such as building a new home from the ground up. AGA Construction, Inc. excels at communicating and working closely with you no matter the job, and we pride ourselves on getting the work done on schedule while meeting your expectations. Call us today to arrange for your remodeling, construction, or other job in Encino, CA.

We Offer Kitchen Remodeling and Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

One of the rooms in a house that most benefits from a professional remodeling is the kitchen. A fresh–looking kitchen with new fixtures, cabinets, and countertops can bring a new life to an entire home. We will impress you with the way we will unite the home design in your new kitchen and give you a great place for food preparation and time with family.

The Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom isn’t a showplace room in your house, but a bland and ugly bathroom with fixtures that waste water and can be a personal eyesore for you. A professional bathroom remodeling job will give your day a fresh start and end it on a positive note. You can also enjoy luxuries with special features for the bathtub and shower–and you’ll save money annually on water bills.

Trust Our Professionals for Window Installation and Replacement

Believe us: you do not want to attempt to install a new set of windows on your own, no matter if it’s for a new house or to replace outdated windows. A poor selection of a window and an inferior job installing it will not only look unpleasant, it will cause drafts and extra heat to enter your home. Our team is ready to assist you and make your new window placements a breeze!

You Can Also Entrust Us with Door Installation and Replacement

Have you ever realized that proper door installation in a home will help with comfort and energy efficiency? It can when you call on our professionals to take on the job. Just as with windows, this is a task that needs experts to handle so that you end up with doors that benefit your home’s appearance and energy performance. Call us today for more details.

We Offer Roof Repair and Other Roofing Services

If your roof is losing shingles or it had tiles that are cracking, don’t take out a ladder and put yourself at risk trying to do a job you don’t even have the equipment to complete. Let our roofing professionals do it for you. We also take care of full roof installations and replacements as part of construction projects.

Have the Best Driveways with Our Paving and Concrete Driveway Services

If you live in Encino, CA, you probably depend on your car every day for work or simply to get to and from basic errands. And that means your driveway is a part of your everyday life as well–so why not have the best one possible? A driveway without damaging bumps, and which adds to the look of the front of your home, rather than detracts from it? Call AGA Construction, Inc. to schedule driveway paving and stamped concrete driveway installations.

We Have Electrical Services and Top–Notch Electricians

Electricity isn’t an optional convenience for a home or business! But it also isn’t something that you should ever entrust to an amateur. Only licensed electricians are qualified to put in new wiring for construction, re–wire an older building to meet electrical codes, or handle repairs and upgrades such as putting in a new electrical panel or whole–house surge protection. AGA Construction, Inc. has the electricians you need in Encino, CA for your new construction and remodeling projects, and they are only a phone call away.

For Excavation Services and Concrete Foundations, Contact Our Team

Without a firm foundation for a home or commercial building, you might as well not bother with construction at all–especially in a place like Encino, CA where earthquakes are a concern. Our contractors are experienced professionals when it comes to laying foundations, caissons, piles, grade beams, and all the necessary components to seeing that a new building has the firmest footing. Call AGA Construction, Inc. and speak to our contractors today to find out how we can give your house or other building the foundation it needs.

Looking for a Plumber and Complete Plumbing Services in Encino, CA?

Whether you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen, or you are getting ready for new home construction, you can’t forget about the importance of quality plumbing services. Poor plumbing installation will mean future nightmares from leaking and burst pipes, clogged sewers lines, and more. For the assurance that the plumbing work you require will get done right the first time, call on AGA Construction, Inc.. Our team of professional plumbers will take care of whatever plumbing services you require, on time and meeting all your expectations.

We Offer Professional Landscaping, Including Artificial Grass

Landscaping doesn’t just mean basic gardening. It’s about shaping the world that surrounds your home. Professional landscapers can help you realize the best use of your property and also make it gorgeous to look at. AGA Construction, Inc. is the company to call in Encino, CA for landscaping that goes above and beyond. If you are concerned about water conservation, then speak to us about putting in an artificial grass lawn or a drought–friendly lawn–this is one of our specialties.

For Your Masonry and Hardscape Services, Call AGA Construction, Inc.

Landscaping creates setting of plants, soil, grass, and trees for your property–but hardscaping is the foundation and the structure for all of it. You must have hardscaping professionals and masonry experts provide the work for you. You will complete masonry and hardscaping services at AGA Construction, Inc. for your Encino, CA construction project. We do everything from pool decks to retaining walls to full masonry renovations. To find out more about the full extent of our services, give our team a call today.

We Also Provide Commercial Services, Renovations, and Construction

If you need commercial construction services in Encino, CA, you won’t have to look any further: we are the contractors who can make it happen, on time, and matching your original plans. Tackling a huge commercial renovation or new construction project may seem at times overwhelming, but the people at AGA Construction, Inc. are here to see that everything goes smoothly. Get in touch with us and start planning the commercial project that you need with the people who can see it through to the end.