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New Construction and Home Remodeling in Santa Monica, CA

There are few projects larger or more daunting than constructing a new house or commercial building. But smaller construction and remodeling projects are demanding as well. In either case–and in all cases in between–you must have a building contractor with experience and extensive skills on the job. In Santa Monica, CA, make AGA Construction, Inc. your number one choice for a construction and remodeling contractor. Our team of engineers, architects, builders, and remodelers can tackle jobs both large and small, and we put your satisfaction as our first priority.

Call our offices today to find out more about the many different services we provide in Monic, CA.

Your Place for General Contractors, Professional Home Builders, and Carpenters


You shouldn’t need to work with multiple contractors when you are having a kitchen or bathroom remodel. It’s even more important to keep everything concentrated in one company when you are having a new house built. This is why you should hire AGA Construction, Inc. to handle any of these tasks. We bring together all the disciplines necessary for your project. Contact us to arrange for work in Santa Monica, CA, and rest easy knowing that dedicated professionals are on the job.

We Do Kitchen Remodeling and Install Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

You’ll be amazed at what a difference a renovated kitchen can make to a home. You will not only have a more convenient space when it comes to food preparation, but also a genial spot where your family and friends can gather. After all, isn’t the kitchen often at the center of a home–both physically and socially? We will handle your renovations, and we also provide custom cabinets and countertops.

Consider Professional Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is usually the first room you visit in the morning and the last one you visit before going to bed. If you have a dull and water–wasting bathroom, perhaps it’s time to spruce it up with a facelift–or even a more thorough renovation and redesign. Talk to our remodeling specialists today to start planning a revitalization of your home’s bathrooms.

Window Installation and Window Replacement in Santa Monica, CA

If you attempt to put in a new widow on your own, or have an inexperienced person handle the work, you will probably be disappointed with the result. And you’ll also end up with a drafty and uncomfortable home! Let our window professionals handle selecting the new windows and then installing them so they add beauty and functionality to your house.

We Also Provide Door Installation and Door Replacement

Are you looking for a company to installs doors for a new building? Or do you need replacement doors as part of remodeling your home? Then you have come to right people. We specialize in finding the best doors for installation and replacements, including energy–efficient doors that will help prevent drafts and hot spots. Trust to professionals for both doors and windows!

Let Our Experts Handle Your Roof Repair and Other Roofing Needs

You never want to live in a home that has an inferior roof or one that is suffering from damage. This not only means trouble when it rains, but it will make your house into an energy–waster. You can depend on us for new roof installation and replacements that will give you a beautiful and effective new roof. We are also here if you require roof repairs.

Looking for Driveway Services? We Work with Paved and Concrete Driveways

A driveway may seems like the most functional and bland part of your home’s hardscape. It definitely needs to be functional, and you can rely on us to see that you have a paved or concrete driveway that serves its purpose. But it can also be an attractive part of the front of your home. Let AGA Construction, Inc. see that you have the best of both sides with our driveway installation and repair services in Santa Monica, CA.

If You Need Electricians and Electrical Services, Look to Us

We live in a world where electricity is one of the essentials of everyday living. But you can’t treat your electrical system as an everyday project. It takes licensed electricians to handle most electrical services, and out electricians are experienced with such jobs as wiring for a new home, rewiring for older homes, electrical panel upgrades, and much more. AGA Construction, Inc. has your electrical needs covered for Santa Monica, CA.

We Work with Concrete Foundations and Offer Excavation Services

The foundation of a building may be the most important part of it, because without it there is no building. Laying the foundation must be left to professionals who have powerful, advanced equipment, starting from the excavation and ending when the last of the concrete is poured and hardened. Take the guesswork out of finding a qualified building contractor to handle your foundation services in Santa Monica, CA and simply contact AGA Construction, Inc.. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Call Us for a Professional Plumber and Plumbing Services

Plumbing forms an essential part of constructing homes, commercial buildings, and smaller projects such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Since an inferior plumbing job can mean serious water damage to a building and unending inconveniences, make sure that you hire a licensed plumber with the talent and experience to always get the job done right the first time. It’s easy to find this kind of plumber in Santa Monica, CA: you only have to pick up the phone and call AGA Construction, Inc..

We Offer Quality Landscaping and Artificial Grass Lawns

A landscaping job from professionals will give your home an exterior beauty that people will notice. Our landscaping experts at AGA Construction, Inc. are just the professionals you need to see that any landscape work for your home is done exactly as you want it. We also specialize in putting in artificial grass and other drought–friendly lawns that are both attractive and water conserving. Curious? Call us today to learn more and to schedule work for your home in Santa Monica, CA.

Masonry and Hardscape Services in Santa Monica, CA

Hardscape is what gives your property its shape, structure, and stability. It can also contribute to its outward appearance. Our team at AGA Construction, Inc. wants to make sure that you receive the highest quality service for your masonry and hardscape, whether it is putting in retaining walls or providing extensive restoration for an older property. We can also install pool decks. When the time has come for hardscaping services in Santa Monica, CA, look to our experienced contractors for a job done right.

We Also Provide Commercial Services Such as Renovations and Construction

AGA Construction, Inc. extends its expertise and equipment to serve all the construction needs of businesses in Santa Monica, CA as well. Choosing a contractor for your commercial construction or renovation project is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your business, but we want to make it easy for you: you only need to dial our number. Working with us ensures that you will receive the job you want with the minimum amount of disruption to your business.