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Complete New Construction Services and Home Remodeling in Tarzana, CA

Considering a home remodeling project that involves careful planning and professional services? Starting from scratch with a new construction project? Get in touch with the contractors at AGA Construction, Inc.. We work with some of the finest specialists in the industry–experts who can help you with every single aspect of your renovation or new construction. We offer help with the very basic elements of a home–like site planning, foundation services, and roofing–and we install the final plumbing installation, electrical switches, doors, windows, and much, much more.

Trust our friendly trained team to help with your new construction or home remodeling plans in the Tarzana, CA area.

General Contractors Who Do It All


Our team at AGA Construction, Inc. is made up of professional home builders, carpenters, installers, repair technicians, roofers, remodeling experts, pavers, landscapers, and more. We have a specialist to help you with any step of the planning, building, or renovation process. We make the experience positive and a lot less stressful, as our general contractors are trained in providing excellent customer service and in making sure the job goes smoothly. We respect your property and your time, and we will treat your home in Tarzana, CA as if it were our own.

We Offer Kitchen Remodeling Services in Tarzana

Whether you are in the market for custom kitchen cabinets, new kitchen countertops, a new kitchen island, or a complete kitchen makeover, get in touch with our remodeling experts. We have someone on staff who can help you plan the project and ensure it is carried through. We can install your new plumbing fixtures and all the elements you picture in your dream kitchen. Call our kitchen remodeling experts today.

Are You Working on a Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Whether you are mainly focusing on installing a new bath and shower or you are taking out all of your fixtures and cabinetry and starting over, we’d love to offer our services. Our bathroom remodeling specialists offer complete services, from the electrical outlets in the room to the lighting fixtures to the bathtub, faucets, and cabinets.

Door and Window Installation and Replacement Services

The doors and windows are such essential components to any home that most of us don’t really give them much thought. But these features can add décor and energy efficiency to a home, which is why door and window installation deserves careful consideration. We offer window replacements for inefficient homes or broken windows, door replacements for aging or broken doors, and new window and door installations for new construction.

We Install Roofing and Offer Roof Repair

You know very well how important it is to have a good roof over your head. So a roof that is leaky, cracked, water damaged, or otherwise in need of service deserves your prompt attention. We offer professional roof repair as well as new shingle roof installation and complete roofing services for your construction project.

Call for Our Paving Services

Pouring concrete is not really a job you should trust to just anyone. When you’re in the market for a new pathway or a new concrete driveway, allow us to do the work from beginning to end. Let us help you map out your new concrete driveway and decide on the width, the angle, and any design features you may want. Our pavers can also put in a new walkway in your yard, and find a unique design you’ll love. Call us for paving services throughout the Tarzana, CA area.

Safe and Dependable Electrical Services for Your Home or Property

When it comes to the electrical system on your property, you don’t want to take any chances. Improper wiring or electrical system installation can lead to alarming safety issues, so only trust skilled and certified electricians for any repair or installation in your home, from replacing an old fuse box to installing lighting to wiring the entire home. Our electricians will make sure everything is safe and sound. They will also help you to find your ideal lighting design and ensure that switches and outlets are in the right places.

We Can Build Your Concrete Foundation

We work on every step of a new construction project, starting from the most important element: the foundation. Your home or commercial property in Tarzana, CA must be built on some sort of a foundation, and concrete foundations are the preferred starting points for most new construction projects in our area. We start with the excavation of your site, using the proper equipment to get your foundation in the right position according to building codes, the proposed layout of your property, and the soil on site. The entire process will take several days, which is why you should work with trustworthy contractors like those at AGA Construction, Inc..

Do You Need Plumbing Services for a New or Existing Home?

When you are planning for new construction or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you’re going to need a plumber to help you out. We can provide you with expert plumbing services for your new home, bathroom, or kitchen–anything from installing new pipes to garbage disposal replacement. You won’t have to worry about finding a plumber on your own when you call our general contractors for a new construction project. We’ve got expert plumbers on call who will aid in ensuring that pipes, fittings, valves, sinks, appliances, water heaters, drains, showers, and faucets are all installed securely.

Our Conservative Landscaping Solutions

We offer landscaping solutions for any home or business. We can help you plan for a traditional landscaping layout and lawn. But we also offer artificial grass and conservation lawn styles so that you can feel good about your impact on the environment. Call today to find out more about drought–resistant plants, artificial turf, and other ways we can help you save water in your home and in your yard. Our landscapers are committed to environmentally friendly landscaping practices and providing you with all of the features you want in your new yard.

Masonry and Hardscape Services from Our Team

Masonry and hardscaping are essential services in the security and structure of your home. Schedule your next masonry service with the professionals on our team to get quality materials and craftsmanship you can feel good about. Whether you need a structure constructed of brick, concrete, or granite, we can handle it. We can also renovate masonry that is in disarray, and we install and repair patios and pool decks. No matter what you need to keep your home, patio, detached structure, or commercial property secure, we can build it for you.

Are You Searching for Commercial Services?

That’s right: our general contractors do more than just residential projects. We can oversee the construction or renovation of your commercial property as well. If you want to add on to your property, remodel your office space or commercial kitchen, or start from scratch with a brand new business, give us a call. Our experienced commercial specialists can help you with any step of the process and we can simplify the job for you. Call AGA Construction, Inc. today for commercial renovation and construction services in the Los Angeles, CA area.