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Do You Really Need Storage Under the Bathroom Sink?

If you are remodeling a smaller bathroom, you are likely looking into all of the different ways you can make a room look larger. There is a lot you can do: from adding more windows into the room to replacing a large tub to painting the walls a light color, which tricks the eye.

But, of course, you cannot remove the essentials. Every bathroom must have a sink and a toilet. And most toilets are nearly the same size. Sinks come in various sizes and styles, however, and a compact sink can easily make a room look and feel much larger–especially if there is no storage underneath. But is this really an option for your home?

Most Bathrooms Don’t Need that Storage Space

Chances are high that many of the items you store in your bathroom does not necessarily need to be there. It turns out that most of your towels, beauty products, and pills could really go in another location that may be more ideal. In fact, medications often do not belong in the bathroom, since extra humidity could interfere with effectiveness.

The Beauty of Exposed Pipe

Besides the fact that you probably don’t really need the storage space under the sink, a unique exposed-pipe sink and faucet design is chic these days. There are beautiful, elegant glass sink designs with polished exposed supply lines underneath. Or you can go with a rustic basin exposing a chrome trap beneath the sink. You match the P-trap (the drain trap under the sink) to the rest of the room, and you’ve got a unique style everyone will love.

The Classic Pedestal Sink

If a floating sink and faucet isn’t your style, there’s always the classic pedestal sink. There may not be storage underneath the sink, but nearby shelving or a medicine cabinet can offer all the storage you need. This design is timeless, with a narrow base that may help to make the room feel larger, and a range of sink and faucet design options.

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