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A Few of Our Favorite Ideas for Small Kitchens

Having trouble with a smaller kitchen design? Sometimes you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got. 

We know a thing or two about kitchen remodeling, and we want to show you just how much potential a smaller kitchen can have. Check out our tips for having a beautiful kitchen you’ll love for many years to come, no matter what the size.

Cabinetry from Top to Bottom

One of the biggest problems with the smaller kitchen is limited storage. You may feel as if you simply don’t have the space to keep everything you love to use from time to time while cooking. 

When you’re working out a cabinetry design for a kitchen remodel, think tall. A little extra space over the cabinets isn’t doing you any good. Besides, you don’t have to do a major remodel for this to make sense. Adding on new cabinetry above the countertops only can be a process that takes only a few short days.

Experiment with Color

Expert designers know that there are actually plenty of ways to make a very small room look big. This can be even easier to achieve in the kitchen, where bright colors make the room feel welcome and joyful. 

Lighter colors can make a room feel a lot bigger. White reflects light well, and we recommend avoiding too much contrast if you want the room to feel large. In addition, make sure you’re letting in plenty of natural light if possible.

It Could Be Time for a Remodel

If you have struggled with the size and efficiency of your kitchen for a long time, could it be time for a remodel? We think that every homeowner deserves to love the rooms that they use every day. Contact a local contractor for estimates and learn whether you can open up the space to make your kitchen an exciting, enjoyable place to be.

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