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Extra Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s What You Can Do

What can you do with all that extra space above your kitchen cabinets? Limited cabinet space makes using this area as a storage space seem appealing, or you may decide to do something else in order to fit your décor. Here is our advice for using that extra upper cabinet space in the best way possible, or rethinking your kitchen storage entirely.

Smart Storage

The area above your cabinetry could be used for storage without sacrificing style. Rather than stashing loose pantry items above the upper cabinets, find a set of matching bins or baskets at your favorite home goods store or thrift shop. Fill these with items you’ve sorted out to easily identify their location.

You can even fill in the space with small wine racks and store your collection up high. However, if you don’t use AC, we don’t recommend this; heat rises, and it can ruin a good wine.


You can always line up paintings or maybe a few knick-knacks up high, if that’s more your style. Some homeowners choose to fill in this space with a simple panel. You can then decorate this panel in whatever way you choose, say with stencils or adhesive wall art.


Let’s face it: having extra space above the cabinets is an annoyance in many cases. If it’s something that’s been bothering you for a long time, it might be time for a change. That could mean repositioning the cabinetry higher for more space below, or it might mean taking out the cabinets and starting anew with cabinets that go up to the ceiling.

Is it the right time for your kitchen remodel? Of course, that depends on your financial situation. But if you can afford to hire a team of kitchen remodelers, it will certainly be worth it.

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