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What You Can Do with Custom Bathroom Cabinets

The cabinetry is not something that everyone worries about when they first consider remodeling a bathroom. You may know that you want a new shower or tub. You have an idea of the color of the room, and you may know that you need to plan for ventilation and other features.

But when you get to the cabinets, you may feel tempted to just use a pre-manufactured cabinet set to go under the kitchen sink.  But we think it’s worth it to consider cabinetry that is customized by your contractor just for you.

Your Bathroom Is Unique

Your bathroom remodel is customized the way you like it, from the placement of the lighting to the color of the tile. Why should you settle for a bathroom cabinet that isn’t also customized for your needs?

Custom cabinetry fits flawlessly into your bathroom, which is important. Your bathroom isn’t just a place to hide plumbing fixtures. It can be just as welcoming and well-planned as the rest of your home.

Choosing to customize your cabinets gives you endless combinations of finishes and hardware. You can match them to faucets, the mirrors, or even the walls accents. More importantly, you can have an organization system unlike you’ve imagined from your bathroom.

Expert Storage Solutions

When an expert works with you to help you find storage solutions, you get customized cabinetry with a purpose. You can choose to have a rack displaying the towels that match the room design (along with cabinetry to hide the towels that don’t).

Many people end up storing bathroom supplies in the other rooms of the home, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you choose to put time into the cabinet design rather than choosing from stock cabinetry.

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