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Remodeling Your Kitchen But Not Sure Where to Start?

You know that you’re tired of that drab old kitchen design, and you’ve decided to put a chunk of change towards getting a brand new look and feel. A quality contractor can help you to get the look you’ve been wanting, but what if you don’t quite have a clear picture in your head?

Start an Idea Book

Compile magazine clippings, take pictures of friend’s kitchens, collect photos from the internet, and snap photos at home shows to get a clearer picture of what you want. Over time, the ideas will come to you, and you’ll start to have enough ideas to present to a contractor.

Envision the Space

Remember that the amount of space in your kitchen will guide the layout. Ask yourself some questions to decide whether or not you’ll need to expand the space to get the kitchen you want. Do you wish that more than one person could work in the kitchen at once? Does your kitchen feel too isolated from the living and/or dining areas? Could you realistically expand your kitchen with a bump-out addition, or will the space around the room be sufficient?

Think about Time and Money

Be realistic about what you can afford and where your budget should be focused. Have a clear goal for how you want your new kitchen to be, and prioritize what must be done in order to meet this goal. If the main goal is to have more counter space for preparing meals, don’t worry too much if you can’t fit in that new high-tech gadget.

Also, be sure that you factor in that the remodel may take more time and money than originally expected, especially if something does not go quite as planned. When planning your budget and making a time estimate, make sure you have extra in there, just in case.

Now it’s time to hire your contractor!

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