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Remodeling Your Home for Your Pet

Your pet is a part of your family, and you want to make sure that your family members feel comfortable and safe. You need a home that is pet-friendly and that your pet will be able to love and explore throughout its life. Remodeling parts of your home gives you the perfect opportunity to think about pet-positive improvements. Take a look at some of the things you can do!

Make Sure Your Pet Has Room to Play

Having open spaces with more room to navigate is one of the biggest improvements you can make for you and your pet. More open space gives you more opportunity to hang out with your family, and it gives Fido more room to run, play, and greet his human friends. Have fewer items at ground level, keeping your valuables up high so he can play safely.

If you have a cat, a unique way to create room to play is to add a pathway up high where she can explore. Cats feel safer and more comfortable when they can observe a room from above, so consider high furniture around the home that your cat can reach safety, without knocking things over.

Add in a Pet Door

Don’t have the budget for any major improvements to your home? Adding in a doggy door (or a kitty door) is one of the easiest improvements you can make. Have a lockable door to the outside so that your pets can let themselves in and out for much of the day. Or, have a separate kitty entrance that leads to Fluffy’s litterbox, so that you don’t have to see or smell it every day.

Built-In Pet Furniture

If you’ve got room in the budget, you might be able to integrate pet furniture and features into your space. Pull-out drawers that contain your dog’s food and water bowl are a good example of this. A built-in dog bed or kennel may be more aesthetically pleasing than leaving a cage or a big mat out on the floor. Additionally, consider improvements that will help as your pet ages, like ramps that lead to his favorite places.

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